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The proof is in the words…

alabama-metal-artAlabama Metal Art creates unique and one-of-a kind pieces of decorative metal art, created one at a time and designed, crafted, painted, and packaged in the United States. Our products are durable, made of top quality metal, and powder coated for use indoors and out. Our originality and creative designs are what make us different from everyone else. If you truly want a personalized piece of art you have come to the right place!

Our customers are our best advocates as to the quality and experience of working with Alabama Metal Art:

Lynne Bevis, owner of Sincerely Yours in Florence, Alabama, had Alabama Metal Art create a sign to display for her business at arts and crafts shows. This is what she had to say about working with Alabama Metal Art:  “When I purchased my custom sign from Alabama Metal Art  they were very prompt and professional. My custom designed sign was made in less than a week. The owner, Chris Roberson, even made a visit to see my sign displayed and to make sure that I was satisfied. Excellent craftsmanship!”

Shearell in Florida commented:”Thanks, this looks great and we love it! We have been very pleased with your work, service, and Chris has been great to work with each time! Alabama Metal Art employees are always pleasant when I call and very professional!! Again thanks to Robert and Chris for keeping me posted on the order. We will proudly display this as we travel in our motor home.”  The sign (from a previous order) at our driveway gets a lot of compliments! We highly recommend anyone who needs a custom sign to check out Alabama Metal Art”

Tracie in Oregon says “Wow fantastic work…the sign is so perfect., really beautiful and we both just love it…very creative!”

These quotes are proof that when you choose Alabama Metal Art to create your personal creation, you are selecting a company that is proven and that is diligently working to satisfy each customer!

Beautiful Garden Gates

Fenced-in Gardens

CUSTOM-Garden-Gate,decorative garden gateAre you considering a Custom Garden Gate?

Fenced-in gardens give the space a quiet feeling and a little privacy for you to work on your plants or sit and enjoy the outdoors. However, to access the rest of your yard or to just come and go, you’ll need a garden gate. These gates can be as ordinary as the wood panels used to build the rest of the fence, or they can be as beautiful and unique as the ones offered by Alabama Metal Art.

By adding a decorative, custom garden gate to your home’s fence, you create a unique entry way to your backyard haven. A decorative garden gate adds character and appeal to your home. Alabama Metal Art offers some beautiful ideas to create this entry way, or you can work with our designers to design one that is unique to your personality or garden.

Imagine a beautiful backyard full of blooming rose bushes. What more appropriate way to enter this garden than with a decorative garden gate full of roses cut into it. Your guest will get a preview of the enchanting garden awaiting them as soon as they enter through the decorative garden gate.

Is A Backyard Custom Garden Gate Ideal for You

Another image is a backyard filled with beautiful seating, a grill, some outdoor games, and maybe some flowers planted in planters; music playing, getting ready for a summer get together with friends. Custom Garden Gate, Alabama Metal Art, Custom Gate Work Create a welcoming entrance to your party with a decorative garden gate personalized with your families initial.

Call Alabama Metal Art for a Custom Gate Today

Whatever haven your backyard creates for you, at Alabama Metal Art we can create the perfect decorative garden gate to meet that vision. Browse some of our beautiful creations, or allow your mind to create a unique one of a kind creation for your yard.

Living Room Makeover

Living Room Wall Art,Personalized Metal Wall Art, Metal Name Art, Decorative Metal Wall Art

Consider Living Room Wall Art

The living room is generally the central gathering place in your home. In many modern floor plans, the kitchen and living rooms are very open and can be viewed as one large open space. Giving your living room a makeover can be a simple and relatively inexpensive task.

First, determine if the style of your living room matches your family’s taste and needs. The design of your living room will be very different if you have young children at home versus teenage children, or if you are empty nesters. Your style should reflect what stage of life you are in. Your living space should be a room that you are comfortable in and accommodates the activities that take place there.

Spruce Up Your Living Space

A simple way to spruce up your living space is with color and rearranging furniture. Change the color of your walls to give your room a complete face lift. Throw in some colorful throw pillows and accent pieces and you have given your living room a totally new look. Move your couch to a new wall, add a new accent chair, or apply a fresh coat of paint to an old family antique. Remember to arrange the seating in a way that welcomes conversation.

Finally, accentuate your walls with some beautiful living room wall art. This can be old pieces of china found in antique stores, your children’s framed artwork, family photographs…the possibilities are endless. Alabama Metal Art offers some beautiful, uniquely designed pieces of living room art decor to add the final touch to your newly designed living space.

Personalized Living Room Wall Art, Metal Wall Art, Personalized Metal Wall Art
Personalized Living Room Wall Decor

Giving your living room a makeover is a great way to give your home a new look; and it can be done without  breaking the bank. Remember to make sure you keep the room functional and accommodating for your family’s needs.