Alabama Metal Art Powder Coating

Powder Coating has been noted to be more durable than a wet paint finish.  At Alabama Metal Art we can powder coat your orders in any color you desires. Powder coating allows for a strong bond, and a uniform, steady coat across the entirety of the piece.  Before the powder is applied to an art piece it must be prepped.  First the part is washed down with dish soap and water to remove any surface oil.

Powder Coating, Custom Powder Coating, Metal Art Coatings


Next outgasing is required because there may be hidden impurities on the steel.  This process consists of a steam application of a alkaline degreaser. Then into the powder coating oven to activate this process.

Onto applying the powder to the art pieces or metal piece.  Each piece is grounded, allowing the positively charged powder to be drawn to the piece, propelled by the electrostatic charge created by the gun.

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After the piece is completely coated, the applicator places the piece in an industrial sized oven, where the powder melts into a bonded unified coating. It is then removed and allowed to cool, forming the strong, durable shell. Once cooled, the piece is quality inspected and shipped to the customer.

Powder coating oven, powder coating process


There are many colors and textures of powder.  Because of the versatility of this product it is easy to find the finish you need.  The finished can be glossy or satin.  Some the textures include veins, wrinkles, hammertones, crinkles, and leatherettes.  Consider using a powder coat finish on your next metal project or metal art piece.  This application is utilized inside and outside.

If you have something you’d like powder coated, email us at with pictures and dimensions of your piece.  It saves cost and time if your item has some prep prior to bringing it in.  Stop in anytime, we would love to meet you and discuss powder coating with you!

Alabama Metal Art creates Mane Room Gates for UNA

We are extremely proud to have been chosen to create not 1 but 2 pieces for the University of North Alabama’s Department of Entertainment Industry!

Using concepts and designs brought to us by Chuck Craig of UNA, the Alabama Metal Art team successfully went from CAD to completion with a custom cut sign made to display over the entrance of the Department of Entertainment Industry.

Custom Metal Sign, University Sign, University of North Alabama, Metal Company Sign
In Process Sign for the University of North Alabama

Entertainment Industry sign before powder coating and installation.

Entertainment industry sign upon completion and installation.

 When the time came to place gates on the entrance to the Mane Room, Mr. Craig came to Alabama Metal Art with the desire to carry on the same theme of the Entertainment Industry sign.

Gate Door post powder coating

 Laying the UNA DEI microphone and headset over the top of UNA shield cut mesh, Alabama Metal Art was able to clearly carry the theme set by its previous DEI work.

Custom Metal Gates, University Gates, Entertainment Gates, Metal Decor, University of North Alabama

Gates, completed and installed.

The finished product allowed Alabama Metal Art to flex it’s creative muscle while working with North Alabama’s most celebrated institution.

From custom gates and signs, to name art and more, Alabama Metal Art strives to provide unique custom art, with quality and precision. No matter the size of the order or customer.