New Personalized Metal Art

 Introducing our New Personalized Metal Art

New Personalized Metal Art, Family Tree, Metal Wall ArtSummer months have proved to be a busy time at Alabama Metal Art.  Our staff designer did stop and take some time to design several New Personalized Metal Art pieces.  Our new designs are the Family Tree, Roman Arches, Mission Gate and Modern Geometric.   Over the next several weeks we will feature them on this blog. We hope you love these new personalized pieces as much as we do.

 Family Tree – One of the New Personalize Metal Art

Our first introduction is the “Family Tree.” Since starting to showcase this new personalized metal art it has shown its popularity.  Family Tree wall art is ideal outside or inside the family home.

A nice feature of our new personalized metal art is because of its coating flexibility of color and texture.  Cast Iron Black powder coat gives the metal art a rustic outdoor look whereas, a Copper Vein powder makes it more formalized for an inside wall.  We will work with you to make sure the finish we provide works the best for you.  If there is a special color you prefer we can help there, too!

Thus the Family Tree art piece can be customized with a name or if  you wish a house number.  All of these art pieces come with a welded hanger on the back for installation.  At Alabama Metal Art we have the ability to increase or decrease the over all size of the Family Tree.  Customization is second nature to us.

Lastly, more information on the New Personalized  Metal Art -Family Tree, or any of the other new offerings, click on one of the above links or feel free to contact us at .  Keep an eye open for our future posting, we would love to have your feedback on our new designs. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook!

New Personalized Metal Art, Family Tree Wall Art, Metal Wall Art

House Number Sign

In Search for  the perfect House Number Sign

After living in the city for many years we decided to purchase a home in the country.  We have found it both beautiful and peaceful, and at times a little too quiet.  I admit it took some adjustment having cows, horses and donkeys for neighbors.  One thing we learned quickly is that no-one, including the UPS driver could determine which house on our road was ours.

Alabama Metal Art to the Rescue

During our first few years we searched different sources for the perfect Number Sign.  With harsh summer storms and the never-ending sunshine, each House Number Sign we chose just did not last.   After failed attempts I discovered that Alabama Metal Art would customize a  House Number Sign for us (this was prior to my employment here!). It was what we needed, a strong metal House Number Sign with a durable powdercoat finish.  Because there were several designs and options to choose from it took the wife and I several discussions to pick out the right House Number Sign for our home.

Every Home Needs a Number Sign

Finally, we decided that we wanted the House Number Sign to be seen from both directions and with a  white back plate to aid in its visibility.  My next challenge was where to put the House Number Sign.  Would it be better to place it up near our front entry or down near the road?  In the end we chose to place it near the road.  In Alabama before you put something metal in the ground you need to have a good rain storm to soften up the clay soil.  Luckily mother nature was cooperative and soon the House Number Sign was firmly placed in its permanent spot.

A Nice Addition to Your Landscape

I was able to accentuate the sign even more by landscaping around the sign with three clumps of green ornamental grass and two burgundy crepe myrtle trees.  It looks great and now everyone has no problem knowing which is our house (even the UPS driver!).

If you are in search of a perfect House Number Sign for your home check out House Number Signs on our website.