A Multi Layered Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Three layered business logo sign, powder coated sign, Alabama Metal Art
RIPFIT Indoor Cycling and Boxing Circuit Blue Bell, PA

A Multi Layered Business Sign will bring dimensional attention to a business.  Adding several layers to your sign you can target certain focal areas that you wish to stand out.  A good example would be to add an extra layer with your logo.  You want your sign to grab the potential customer and make a great first impression.  In the illustration above, “RIPFIT,” the sign uses their business logo.

Layered business sign, metal salon sign, Alabama Metal Art

The “Envy – A Salon” above uses layers powder coated two colors of blue.  The light blue as a background against the navy makes the sign standout.  Color is a dependable way to add interest to your sign.  Each color of this sign is a different layer.

A Multi Layered Sign – Simple and Complex Designs

Two Layer Company Business Sign, Alabama Metal Art

Salon Business Sign, Company business sign, Alabama Metal Art


A Multi layered sign can be simple or it can be complex.  Each individual layer can be coated with different powder colors for many effects.   Combining different layers with other styles is a good way to amplify the visibility of your sign.  Both illustrations above are great samples of what can be accomplished with layers.


Mulit Layered business sign, Alabama Metal Art, Multi color powder coating


The above sign for “One Place” is an fine representation of multi layered signage.  The Logo is made up of three colors.  Here again the use of color makes the sign stand out.  The customer chose to use raised letters for the balance of the sign.  Signs can consist of one style or when appropriate, a mix different styles.  In this example the components where mounted directly to the outside of the building.
A Multi Layered Sign for Sorella Farms, Farm signs, business signs

Sorella Farms, located in the beautiful countryside of Evington, Virginia, is a place of celebration for weddings, receptions, and other special events.  This beautiful sign incorporated their logo using several different layers of metal.  This provided the pallet for both color and dimension.

Alabama Metal Art has worked with many different customers to develop a business sign that will meet the business need.  Feel free to contact us with any of your custom metal sign questions.  We will be more than happy to assist you in any way.  www.alabamametalart.com


A Raised Letter Business Signs May Work for Your Business

Raised letter business signs are being used in many different ways to bring attention to businesses.  They provide   flexibility with different fonts, sizes and colors.  Letters can be made small or large depending on your application.  Raised Letter Business Signs can be mounted directly to a façade or can be mounted to a metal or wooden backplate on the building. Different back plates add an extra dimension to a sign.  Raised Letter Business Signs work in most environments both interior and exterior. The raised letter signs can be combined with company Logos for added flair and visibility.

Raised Letters for CustomCompany Sign - Court Street Florence
Night image of Court Street Market Raised Letter Business Sign

Considerations for your Raised Letter Business Signs

When thinking of a Raised Letter Business Signs, you need to consider several things.  Will the letters be placed in a location that they will be seen both by foot traffic and drive by traffic.  Have you taken into account lighting for the letters? How is night visibility?  Installation is an important consideration when purchasing a sign. Will letters have studs or holes for anchors?  Will they mount flat against the building or require spacers?



Another consideration for your business sign is how will it hold up in the  outside elements.  Powder coating is a extra plus in this case.  Raised letters can be powder coated for durability and provide confidence that the finish will hold up in the elements.  With powder coating you can extend the life of the finish if it properly maintained.  If your powder coated business sign is outside it will get dirty.  The best way to clean a powder coated piece is to use filtered water under low pressure on a pressure washer.  Add a mild detergent that is chlorine free to remove grime.  An occasional cleaning will assist in prolonging the finish of your sign.

Raised Letter Business Signs Clear Winds

We have posted several different examples of Raised Letter Business Signs on this blog. Check out our website for additional examples.  We will be happy to assist you in any way when you are looking to create the ideal sign for your business.  Feel free to contact us at Alabama Metal Art or email at info@alabamametalart.com.


Custom Company Sign, Layered Business Sign, Alabama Metal Art



We have included a Business Sign Planning Sheet to assist you in creating your sign .Metal Company Sign, Raised Letter Business Sign, State Farm Insurance Sign, Alabama Metal Art

Fun Visit to Bliss Bistro & Boutique

Today Robert and I took A Visit To Bliss Bistro & Boutique.  What is Bliss Bistro & Boutique you ask?  It is one of the newly opened businesses on Woodward Avenue, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The full name is Alabama Bliss Bistro and Boutique.  You ask, what are two football loving, metal slinging production workers doing going to a boutique for! It started several months ago when Miranda Ball (Bliss Owner) contacted us to make a sign for her business.  Bliss Bistro & Boutique, Layered Business sign, metal business sign by Alabama Metal Art

At Alabama Metal Art we enjoy meeting and getting to know our customers whenever possible.  Being local presented us the opportunity to visit this business.  Plus, we wanted to check out the Bistro which is becoming well known for its home made pimento cheese.


When you walk into Bliss you will notice the use of doors throughout the boutique and bistro.  Miranda tells us the doors symbolize the doors that were closed and the doors that were opened that allowed her to follow her bliss.  Miranda’s aim is to share this philosophy will the customers that come into her business.

The Bliss Bistro

The Bistro is colorful and relaxing.  Since Robert and I both like food we decided it was a good time to try the menu.  Robert could not resist trying the Three Cheese Pimento Cheese – A True Southern Favorite.  Since I am from the big town of Mount Hope, I had to try the City Slicker.  We both found the food excellent and the atmosphere relaxing.  Robert noticed that the soup of the day was loaded potato and had to get one to go.

The Bliss Boutique

For those of you who like to shop at reasonable prices stop in and check out this blissful boutique.  If your a Pappaw, like me, you may be tempted to by a nice surprize for you teenage granddaughter. If you should find yourself driving through the Shoals area take some time to stop and say hi to Miranda and her crew.  They are located at 1206 Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals, Alabama (directly across from Wendy’s).


A Stenciled Sign

A Stenciled Sign

A Stenciled Sign is one of the many styles used both in business signs and custom metal wall art pieces.  The nice thing about a stenciled sign is its great versatility.  Many different effects can be obtained with A Stenciled Sign.

Clemmons & Hamner Seed, Inc. Business Sign by Alabama Metal Art


  • Using different fonts for the letters.
  • Size of the lettering.
  • Logos can be incorporated into the design (as shown in the above sign).
  • Add color to the sign
  • Add a colored back plate
  • Backlight the sign
Checkers Motorcycle Logo, logo signage, metal logo sign, motorcycle decor, motorcycle art
Checkers Motorcycle Logo

Stenciled Wall Art Finished in a Black Cast Iron

Keep It Simple

Best practice with a Stenciled Sign is to keep it simple.  The Lettering on the sign should stand out and be easily read.  Consider where it is being mounted, does the background enhance or detract from the sign?  Do you need to add a contrasting back plate to make the sign standout?  Have you considered adding backlight to the sign?  Look  at all possibilities before making your final decisions on your business sign.

If you are working with a tight budget the stenciled sign might be the one for you.  The simplicity of its manufacturing makes it an economical choice.  The simpler the sign the better the cost. Usually the turnaround is quicker as well.

Recycle Sign, Custom Metal Signs, Personalized Signs
Recycle Sign

    Custom Metal Business Sign Recycle
The example to the left shows a simple sign as manufactured and is finished in one color. The example on the right shows the same sign installed. The color of the background is such that it enhances the readability of the sign.  This whimsical statue is located in front of the Rhinelander Wisconsin District Library.





Custom Company Signs for your Business by Alabama Metal Art

stratxit-installed-custom-business-sign-by-alabama-metal-artHere is an example of A Stenciled Sign with a multi color back plate.  This is a good example of incorporating a business logo into the sign as well.



The ABROMS AND ASSOCIATES CPA  sign is a good example of how a sign can be enhanced with some backlighting.  This interior business sign is mounted in the company’s foyer.  ABROMS chose to backlight with rotating color pallet.  This little twist to a  stenciled sign makes it more eye catching. An LED rope light works extremely well in this application.


Add A Colored Backplate

T&D Smokers BBQ Sign, BBQ competitions, layered sign
T&D Smokers BBQ Sign

Stenciled Sign with a Red Backplate

This final example of a stenciled sign show how a solid color back plate can add to the sign’s appearance. Prior to adding the backplate on this sign it was readable. Adding the back plate made this sign standout and become more noticeable.

Feel free to contact us at Alabama Metal Art if we can lend a hand.  Check out our website for examples of many different styles of business and personal sign.