A Design Studio Sign

At Alabama Metal Art we enjoy new challenges to create business signs. Our goal is to create exceptional, unique signs for our customers.  Recently we had the pleasure to create A Design Studio Sign for Pillar & Peacock.  Using Pillar & Peacock’s design ideas we worked together to provide a successful solution.

Pillar & Peacock

Pillar and Peacock Interiors, a bi-coastal design studio in Florence, Alabama, and Irvington, Virginia.  Pillar & Peacock collaborate with private homes and businesses working with a variety of design styles.  Some examples in their project portfolio include The Mount Airy Plantation, The Grove Park Inn and the Cardiovascular Institute.  Most of all Brandeis Short, of the Florence office, was a pleasure to work with on this project.

Laser cut metal sign, laser cut letters, Alabama Metal Art

The Process

First of all, the image above shows the Pillar & Peacock design overlay in process.  After the metal comes off the laser, sharp edges must be ground down.     Individual letters are mounted to the backplate.  Spacers are used to give depth to the sign.  A close up of the design is shown below.  The pattern is precise because the laser is controlled by a downloaded computer program.

Pillar & Peacock Interior Business Sign, Alabama Metal Art, Layered Business Sign

Click on the image below for a larger view.  Also, in the close up  you can see the letter supports which are designed to be part of the backplate.  We use this method to ensure the precision of the Design Studio Sign.  This method also increases the overall stability of the piece.

Metal Sign for Pillar & Peacock, Alabama Metal Art, Layered Sign, Powder Coat

Finally, the image below is showing the wall in the Pillar & Peacock office prior to the Design Studio Sign being installed (overlay).  The wall was painted with a gloss white and the overlay is powder coated in a matte white finish. This tone on tone technique adds further dimension to the overall look of this design.

In Process Metal Sign, Wood back drop, Alabama Metal Art
Back drop for Pillar & Peacock

The finished presentation looks great.  Finished size of the overlay is 45.75″ wide by 90.75″ tall.   Pillar & Peacock choose the lettering color to match their existing branding.

Layered business sign, Interior designs, Alabama Metal Art
Pillar & Peacock Office in Florence, Alabama


This final image shows all the characteristics of the finished product.  Light shining off the wall highlights the gloss finish. The dimension of the overlay is accented by shadowing.  We recommend Pillar & Peacock for your design project, large or small. This project was a great experience.