Court Street Market – A Jewel of a Place

Court Street Market Business Letters by Alabama Metal Art, Metal Business Sign, Custom Business Sign


Recently we took a break from our busy day and went for a visit to A Jewel of a Place located in downtown, Florence, Alabama – Court Street Market.  We were immediately greeting by the two creative forces of this operation, Carmen and Kai-Uwe Erdman.  Being a beautiful day we were able to sit out at the sidewalk cafe with its newly installed ironwork.  As we sat enjoying the company with a treat from the Woodpecker Cafe we were soon greeted by Nickie Campbell, the owner of  the Renaissance Olive Oil Company which is part if the Court Street Market.  After a few minutes we could see why Court Street Market is such a great place to gather.

Court Street Market – the Beginning

The market place opened in August of 2014.  Carmen Erdman had a vision to create a place where local vendors and artists could display their talents in an welcoming atmosphere.  If you should be lucky enough to find Carmen in the market place during a visit you will find yourself greeted as if you were a long lost friend.  In every corner of this market you will see Southern Hospitality in action.

Woodpecker Cafe

Court-Street-Market-Woodpecker-Cafe-Counter-1-Art, local food

At the Woodpecker Cafe you will find delicious pastries, a substantial list of hot beverages, and many breakfast and lunch items .  Find a seat in the market place or outside at the open air tables. The menu is continually evolving so it is a guarantee you will find something delicious to temp your taste buds.  On our visit we were presented with the opportunity to taste some hand stirred ice-cream. It was fantastic!


Many of the employees of the Cafe are culinary students from the University of North Alabama, right here in Florence.  The Cafe has become a great place for them to spread their wings and try new food ideas.  Carmen is the great cheerleader of this group and has many cooking ideas to guide them in as well.

More Jewels


When you visit the Court Street Market you are always in for a delight.  There are so many interesting products to see and select.  If you like a wide variety of wine, you have The Wine Seller.  The Renaissance Olive Oil Company has a large unique collection of Olive Oils and Vinegar’s.  Hidden in the corner are local grass fed meats which are excellent ( I speak that from my recent and past purchases).



For the coffee connoisseur Lyons Coffee Roasters is worth checking out.  I, who am a decaf coffee expert, was blown away by their Decaf Select Origin Columbia Coffee.  It has so much flavor for a decaf!

Rennaissance-Olive-Oil-Court-Street-Market-2    IMG_2577IMG_2583


There are many treasures to find at the Court Street Market such as Frios Gourmet Popsicles,  artisan woodcraft, pottery and beautiful rugs from the Flying Carpet. Something new is always on the schedule. Whether gala going on in the rentable Event Room, a meeting of the newly formed Rampant Pigs Swine Club or an evening of fresh made Tapas! The Court Street Market is a fun place to be. When you’re in Florence make a point to stop in and say Hi! You will meet some of the friendliest people around!