The use of commercial signage has a very early history and has evolved significantly over time. Trends have come and gone and come back in style again, but the keys to success stay the same. We believe there are four factors that are critical to making a good sign great.


The most important aspect of a sign is making sure the message gets to your audience. Keeping a sharp focus on key users is critical to success. Your signage must attract the right customers and have a clear message to be seen by your target audience. The challenge comes in that different people observe sings differently. Lucky for you, you know your audience best and can tailor the message directly to them!


Less is more when it comes to messaging. Your message should be brief, precise and easy to understand. A clear message can be enhanced through good design elements such as contrasting colors, bold fonts or item placement. Also, never underestimate white space – it can be used to allow the key message to stand out.  


Once you’ve identified and understand your audience, you can start picturing and planning your signage. Some things to consider might be the sign location and architectural features, where your audience is located next to the sign and how convenient it is for your audience to engage with your sign. Thinking through thigs like location, positioning, legal regulations and other factors will give you confidence in your signage.


Functionality is key to the success of your sign. Figure out what you need your sign’s purpose to be. Does the sign need to be interactive? If so, you might consider digital touchscreens. How durable does this sign need to be? What is the lifespan of the sign? Most importantly, ask yourself if your signage matches your audience profile.


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