Florence, AL August 8, 2019 – Custom sign designer and fabricator, Alabama Metal Art, a division of Tri-State Metals, Inc., announced it is extending its material lineup beyond steel and other metals to include wood, polymers, and plastics. The new material lineup broadens its creative offerings to clients.Alabama Metal Art’s new materials will feature wood, from bamboo to mahogany, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), High Density Urethane (HDU), polymers, acrylics, and other plastics. The company uses a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) precision router to precisely cut, slice, and carve the materials.“We are always looking at ways to offer unique sign solutions to our clients,” commented co-owner, Chris Roberson. “We have an innovative team of designers, technicians, and craftsmen who bring a lot of creative energy to the table. When you begin combining metal with wood, polymers, and plastics, the creative possibilities are endless.”Alabama Metal Art co-owner David Smith adds, “We’ve been known for our metal signs for nearly a decade. During that time we’ve seen an increase in clients who use signs as an extension of their brand by incorporating them into their interior design. These new sign materials are a perfect fit for that purpose.” New sign options available from these cost-effective materials include inlaid wood designs, edge-lit acrylic signs, and layered plastics.


Alabama Metal Art provides custom sign solutions to companies across all industries.  Alabama Metal Art is committed to craftsmanship and approaches each sign as a unique work of art. In 2019 the company expanded its sign material offering from steel and other metals to include wood, polymers and plastics. Founded in 2009, Alabama Metal Art is headquartered in Florence, Alabama and is a Division of Tri-State Metals, Inc. For more information, please visit https://alabamametalart.com.


Tri-State Metals, Inc. is a full service steel and metal supplier with nearly 30 years of experience. Tri-state metals offers fast, free delivery throughout northwest Alabama, Southern Tennessee, and northeast Mississippi.  In addition to maintaining a wide selection of structural steel, the company offers a number of value-added services including laser cutting, high definition plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, saw cutting, CAD drafting, and powder coating.  Tri-state Metals has two creative divisions; Alabama Metal Art, specializing in custom signs; and Creative Edge Hospitality Art, specializing in custom art fabrication. For more information, please visit http://www.tristatemetals.com/index.htm.

For more information, please contact:Michael Kienzle | Marketing and Communications Manager | michael@tristatemetals.com


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