Custom Metal Sculptures by Alabama Metal Art

Over the years, we have received several for custom metal sculptures. More times than not, our team of designers and fabricators have been able to make our clients visions come to life. Whether it’s an inside or outside metal sculpture, our designers work diligently with our customers to create a special, unique piece that can only be found there. We design and fabricate everything in house at our facility in Florence, AL.

Our goal is to transform your concepts into manufactured art pieces that create conversations.

Our team of designers will work diligently with you throughout the entire process. We strive to ensure your custom metal artwork is the highest quality and will enhance the overall beauty of the design project.

Our team is ready to work for you!

Alabama Metal Art Custom Metal Sculptures

To discuss your project, give us a call at 256-246-0001 or click on the Request Quote button below the gallery on this page.


Below are just a few projects featuring custom metal sculptures:


Metal Signs Across America Reaching Out From Alabama

Some years back when we were sticking our toes into the metal art pool we never dreamed we would have grown to the point that we are at today. Our first metal art products were fabricated using our plasma machine. For those who have used a plasma before you understand like us that they are not the most precise machines. Many extra hours of prep were spent grinding away rough edges. At that time our artwork was finished using wet paint. That was a challenge in itself.

Plasma Cutting, metalwork, metal art process

Growing the Business

As business began to grow, one of our owners decided that in order to produce more product we needed to upgrade our machinery.  Soon we had a-rockin’ laser machine on site.  Well, that was after a few minor adjustments such as building a new shop building.  The new building was a great idea as we soon left the wet paint process behind and began powder coating all metal art pieces.  This required us adding a paint booth and a curing oven.  Soon our shop was filled with all the tools and equipment to ramp up our production.

Everything we did, in the early days, was a learning process for us. Looking back at some of the metal art we did, seemed primitive. Fortunate for us we have a team of forward thinkers inspiring us all to move ahead and refine our designs as well as our processes. I like to think we have reached a point that our metal art pieces stand well above the average business sign. Around here we like to say “Avoid the Ordinary.” That is why we take time to refine the designs requested and we are a bit tough on ourselves when we do our quality inspection. A little flaw can send a piece back through the processes.

We Like Metal Business Signs

As business progressed we were approached by several local businesses asking if we could make business signs for them.  Not liking to back down from a challenge we took on the task and created some excellent and unique signs.  Word of mouth still is a mighty tool in the marketing world and soon we had other local businesses in our area reach out to us and have us make them signs as well.  Metal Signs make such a statement they aren’t often forgotten by those who see them.  They are really a work of art.

Custom Metal Letters Mounted on Wood
Cotton Woods –
Custom Letters on Wood

Even though we are known as Alabama Metal Art we soon started getting inquiries from areas outside the state. To us, this was quite exciting as our products were soon stretching beyond our tight borders. Significant sign orders arrived from California to Wisconsin, to Oklahoma to New York.  Soon we began tracking which states we had not sent one of our metal art pieces to.  Two years ago we hit state number forty-eight.  With a mission statement to supply the top product and excellent customer service, we hope this trend continues on and on.

Another fun part of our business making signs is we reach across a variety of companies.  Salons, SPA’s, restaurants, doctors, dentists, accountants, universities, lawyers, and chiropractors to name a few.  Our signs are developed for interior and exterior environments. With a diverse customer base, we never lose our desire to “Avoid the Ordinary” in our creations.

Metal Business Sign for UNA - Steele Center for Professional Selling
Business School
University of North Alabama


Our Journey Continues Forward

So even though we are a somewhat small business we have come a long way since our inception. We look at each new order with a determination to wow our customer. We continue to be motivated to improve our designs and processes. Most of all we are determined to be the best at what we do.  Take time to look through our website, we would love to add you to our family of customers. You will find us eager to make a great lasting impression. Alabama Metal Art.



The Hospitality Wave


As our business at Alabama Metal Art evolves a new term has become familiar to us. It is hospitality art. Over the years our products have gone out to hotels, restaurants and medical facilities throughout the Unites States. At first, we considered our products “wall art” and didn’t equate them to the word hospitality art.  Which is now an emerging word in the industry.

To me hospitality refers to the friendly welcoming of guests and/or strangers. When hospitality is merged with art I feel the same welcoming connection should occur.  I look to see does the art piece make one feel comfortable or happy?  Does it evoke a hospitable response?  The art piece can be simple or very complex. The buzz is that it must be unique.

Being an employee of a metal art company, I must broaden my thoughts to go beyond metal regarding hospitality art.  Scrubbing the internet, I find many different medias are used in this world of hospitality art.  Featured art has stretched beyond framed work on walls. Today you will find decorative wooden panels, three dimensional pictures, split images, wall sculptures, custom wallpapers, naturescapes, paper configurations, glassworks, and wood art.  There seem to be no limits.  What counts is creativity.  Making that connection.

Washington DC Metro Rail Wall Art
The Daley at Shady Grove Metro
Rockville, MD

Be Unique

By incorporating distinctive art into their property, the hotel or business owner enhances the feeling and décor of their establishment. This is occurring in hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and corporate offices. In a sense, the feeling of a small art gallery is being created in these locations. If done correctly this will draw future business as a guest or client will remember their experience. Then pass the recommendation or a compliment via word of mouth.  Personal recommendations are one the best marketing successes.

In today’s world travelers are driven by seeing or learning something new, they want an experience. This is true with the merging travelers, the Millennials. Currently, Millennials make up 33% of all travelers. To capture the business of this group hotels have started incorporating unique art pieces into their lobbies and guest rooms to satisfy the curious nature of the Millennial.

Also, many people travel for business. A hotel guest room must be more than just a room, it must become a place of rest. After spending days in meetings or conferences, the traveler needs to escape, to relax. By incorporating hospitality art into a facility, the establishment is creating an experience. The art on the wall is no longer just a decoration but an opportunity to draw the guest in. Whether to provoke thought or teach something new the role of art in the hospitality industry has expanded.


Keeping in Step

As we grow and stretch in our business we want to be in tune with trends within the industry.  We are fortunate to work with several designers that have increased our exposure in the hospitality art field.  The more complex the challenge the more we enjoy the project.  Our mission is to stay competitive and current in this field of hospitality art.  Our mantra of “Avoid the Ordinary” is what we want to be. Check out some of the projects on our Hospitality webpage.

Farms Signs

Custom Farm Sign or Ranch Sign

Farm signs are popular.  Recently, a nice influx of farm signs have come through our shop.  We enjoy doing these signs as it gives us the opportunity to add chickens, horses, cows, and tractors to our work.  Such things rarely appear on the other signs that we do.


A Little Farm History

I imagine from the beginning of time people have been farmers and ranchers.  Shaking my own family tree a bunch of farmers fall out, with some are still hanging onto this profession.  In early America, most small farmers planted and grew crops for their own survival.  I am told that 90% of the population at that time relied on agriculture for their livelihood.  As America grew so did farming.  Throughout the early days in America, farmers saw good times and not so good times.  When FDR appeared on the scene he thought that true prosperity in the country was directly related to farmers being prosperous.  When he enacted the New Deal, many new programs came into being which helped the American Farmer.

Wellington Farm Sign letters mounted on a stone wall

Ranchers on the Horizon

Early in the 19th-century longhorn cattle ranches started cropping up in Mexico, the area now known as the state of Texas.  In 1836 when Texas became independent many farmers took to ranching inheriting cattle left behind by the Mexicans.  In the early days, there was not much profit or demand for beef.  This did not change until after the Civil War when northern states created a market for beef.  This change along with the invention of barbed wire fence and windmill water pumping stations caused the industry to grow.

What Do American Farms Look Like Today

The Farm Bureau tells us that 99 percent of the 2.1 million farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships and family corporations.  The average farm or ranch size is 434 acres.  An acre is 43,560 square feet and may be comprised of many shapes.  Most people think a farmer’s or ranchers work is seasonal.  This is a misconception.  There is always something to do on a farm or ranch.  Currently, the United States farmer export more food than we import making a positive trade balance.  Current cattle inventory in the U.S. is approximately 93.5 million head.   According to Cattle-Fax Data U.S. beef production in 2016 was 25.2 billion pounds.


Who are the Farmers

I often wonder who makes up our farm community in the United States.  Living in rural Alabama where cotton, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, and canola are grown I know of a few the families that run farms.  In my opinion, they are just like me, hardworking, everyday people.  This point is further cemented in my mind when I read of other farm families throughout the US.  In fact check out this link: I see that men, women, Mom’s, Dad’s and kids make up our farm workforce.  Reading stories on the “America’s Farmer’s” website I see the generational legacy of many.  What I read again and again is they love what they do.  Families members working side by side.   One thing that really stuck out in my mind was something the Boyd family said.  “Farming isn’t what they do, it’s what they are.”


Facing the Challenges of Today

From my observation only, I think one of the many challenges that farmers face today is the inconsistent weather.  I know that here in North Alabama the drought of last summer left to corn fields decimated with little or no crop to harvest.  Some of the biggest news stories I observe are about strange weather occurrences. Either fields are starved for water or flooded from too much water.

Food Demands Continue to Grow

The world population and demand for food continues to increase.  To meet the demand, current farms and ranches must expand.  But is there available land at affordable prices to expand to?  I am told this is a big challenge for today’s farmer.  Ranchers face the same challenge as range and pasture land sells at a premium price making expansion a challenge.


A Strong Breed

Regardless of all the challenges and hard work required today in the agricultural world, farmers and ranchers continue to hold on. Their determination affords us with an abundance of many great food products.  In 1862 when Abraham Lincoln created the U.S. Department of Agriculture 90 out 100 American were farmers.  Today that number has shrunk to 2 out of 100.  What this tells me is you have to be determined to remain a farmer or a rancher.

We feel privileged to provide a service of making custom farm and ranch signs for this business group.  Full Circle Farm Sign witch a Cow and Calf mounted to a stone entryway

 Rutherford Farm Sign

One day we had a local customer stop in from one county over from Florence.  He gave us the challenge to come up with a two foot by ten-foot entry sign for his farm.  I believe it was the largest sign we had done to date.  This sign also gave us the opportunity to be creative during the design process.  Since that time, we have continued in this creative vein leveraging off the Rutherford Farm design.


Farm Entry Sign, Custom Farm Sign, Metal Art, Alabama Metal Art

One very unique farm sign we did was for Sorella Farms located in Virginia.   Sorella Farms is a wedding venue based on an 1800’s built Shaker Barn.  Not a farm in the true sense anymore but none the less a farm.  In this instance, we created several layered signs featuring several colors.  The idea was to match the logo they used for their business.

Sorella Farms multi color sign mounted onto the outside wall of a barn


Why A Sign for Your Ranch or Farm

I moved to the country after growing up in a small city where there were rows of houses on nicely named streets like Pleasant Street, School Street, and Cottage Ave.  Living in rural Alabama there are roads, not streets.  At first, when I moved here I could never find my way around.  What I noticed there were names on all the chicken farms.  It was a great way to find my way around.  Since then I have noticed that many farms have signs out as well.

We Can “Get-Er” Done for Your Farm or Ranch

We like to think that there are few challenges we cannot meet when it comes to a farm or ranch sign.  Although our powder coating oven can only take a sign that is 10 feet long we have been able to create signs that can be bolted together.  So, if you have an idea for your farm or ranch, let us take a shot at making the ideal sign for you.  You can reach us Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM CST at 256-246-0001 or drop us an email at  Contact us today!




Avoid the Ordinary with an Alabama Metal Art Business Sign

Recently, in our weekly staff meeting we came up with our credo “Avoid the Ordinary.”  We want our customers to know we are here to provide extraordinary customer service. We are NOT Ordinary.


What is the Right Choice for Your Business

A Custom Sign is a significant investment for any business.  We, at Alabama Metal Art, commit to furnish you as a customer, a sound solution to meet your business requirements.  Our designers Chris, Robert, and Logan will have numerous questions for you.  They want to ensure they have a complete picture of what you need.  We will make the entire process as painless as possible.


Why A Metal Art Business Sign

We as consumers have so many choices in today’s marketplace.  Because of this Alabama Metal Art strives to provide the best customer service, a quality product at an affordable price.  Metal Business signs are not cheap, but are affordable for the quality and look you get from having one.  Whether your sign is crafted from carbon steel or aluminum the main characteristic is durability.  If you are considering a business sign for the outside environment the longevity of a metal sign will outlast acrylic, PVC, or wood.  Indoors, these metal signs will last for decades.

stratxitIT Metal Business Sign on a Gray Lighted Wall by Alabama Metal Art

Versatility in Metal

Many of our metal business signs are manufactured from 1/8″ metal.  However, you have the option to use a thinner metal depending upon your application.  This is something we take into consideration when making a multiple layer sign.  All our designs are cut out on our CNC laser which provides you with significant versatility when purchasing a custom sign. By using the CNC laser, we can do something as simple as cut out letters or something as complex as a multi-layer sign.  By mixing styles, or layers we can create something which will make your business stand out.  We want your customer to have a lasting impression of your custom sign.

Inbound Marketing Specialists a layered business sign by Alabama Metal Art

Logo’s Anyone

One part of our design process, we find both challenging and enjoyable is incorporating your logo into the design of the sign.  Sometimes a simple stencil cut is sufficient.  Clemmons & Hammer Seed, Inc. is a strong example of this.  The wall which this sign is mounted to will show through adding to the appearance of the business sign. stratxIT is an example where the logo required some color.  We incorporated several different backplates to show through the stencil to produce the desired look for this logo. RocketCity Chiropractic takes a stylized cut out of the logo mounted directly to the wall. We will work with you to get the perfect look to show off your business logo.

Clemmons & Hamner Seed, Inc. A Stenciled Business Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Let’s Add Powder to the Mix

By adding the option of a powder coat finish, Alabama Metal Art can offer you even more options.  Powder coating comes in crinkles, wrinkles, leatherettes, veins, hammertones and antique textured finishes.  Combinations of these textures potentially can make your sign more dynamic.  The RIPFIT Sign we did for an Indoor Cycling & Cardio Fitness Facility in Bluebell, PA. is a great example of this.  The black base of this sign is done in a mini texture with a standard smooth white showing through as a backplate.  The RIPFIT lettering is finished in a Silver Hammertone with the gloves and the cycle finished in a gloss red.  You can see how the layers and different textures in this sign add to the professional look of this sign.  Too say the least the combinations of texture and styles are numerous.


Let Nature Help

Another option is to allow nature to “age” the metal and another dynamic to your sign.  Walter’s Point and Ava’s Place are examples you may want to consider.  In both cases the back plates are unfinished and are left to rust.  As you can see this adds a rustic interest to these signs.  It may be a technique you wish to incorporate into your design.

Ava's Place Wedding Venue Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Finally, as you can see there are many styles, colors and textures that can be part of your custom business sign.  Here are a few things to consider when working with us to create the perfect sign for you:

  • What finished size do you want your business sign to be
  • Will your business sign be inside or outside?
  • Do you have a logo or existing design concept you want us to use?
  • Will weight play into the design of your business sign?
    • Carbon Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Where will the sign be mounted?
    • Will it Require Holes
    • Do you want the mounting holes to be hidden?
    • Do you want it to be set off the wall (spacers)?
  • Have you seen a style on our website that appeals to you?
    • Stencil Cut with or without a backplate
    • Individual letters
    • A multiple layer sign
  • What colors are you considering?
    • Do you want to include texture?
    • Do you want the metal to age in the elements?
  • What is the zip code of where we will ship your sign?

If you are just exploring your options or are already to get going on your Business Sign, give us a call today.  If it is after hours feel free to email us your ideas and requirements to  We look forward to supplying your with a one of a kind custom business sign.







Honey Hive – A Vacation Escape

Have you ever spent hours on the internet looking for a nice vacation escape? With me, I am always looking for somewhere unique, relaxing, but with activities close by.  Recently, we completed a metal art (shown below) piece for  the owners of the Honey Hive Cabins, located in the Wears Valley in Tennessee.  Taking some time to look at the Honey Hive posting, I soon learned this was a great place for a vacation escape.

Metal Business Signs, Honey Hive, Metal Name Art, Cabin Rental Signs
Honey Hive Cabin – Sevierville, TN. ** VRBO #506890 **


            The Honey Hive Cabins sit near the entrance to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Smokey Mountains, Vacation Escape

Also, a quick drive to Pigeon Forge and Cades Cove.  This is a perfect spot to relax and escape the daily grind of life.

Whether looking for a week long escape or time away for a long weekend.  Check out the Honey Hive Cabins and the beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains.

Black Bear, Great Smokey Mountains, Wildlife


HASRA – Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.


Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.

If you are familiar with the Florence/Killen, area of North Alabama, you may be familiar with HASRA. Likewise, you know the good work they do.  If not, let me take a minute to tell you about this grand organization.  You may not see the facility when looking for it as it sits off highway 72 (Lee Highway) hidden behind Arx Mortis.  However, it is ideally located with lots of outside area for the animals they rescue.

Non-Profit Sign, Metal Art Sign, Custom Metal Art Siogn
HASRA located in Killen, Alabama of highway 72

A Non-Profit Organization – HASRA

In brief, HASRA is a 501c(3) corporation established in 2009 by Debbie Rappuhn. HASRA stands for Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.  Animals are rescued from high kill shelters by HASRA together with aiding communities with strays.  Their first action with a stray is to find its owner if there is one. Unfortunately, many strays are abandoned pets.

Educate the Public

Therefore, public awareness is needed to bring attention to the fact that animal shelters are often overwhelmed.  For example:

  • Pet overpopulation in the United States is a serious problem
  • Unwanted pets are often abandoned
  • Pets are often not spayed or neutered and produce more unwanted offspring’s

Helping Animal Shelters

Therefore, HSRA is committed to supporting the animal shelters in North Alabama. They are a No-Kill organization dedicated to the protection of animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused, relinquished or found homeless.   Since its inception, HASRA has saved and found homes for 4000 animals. This type of organization relies both on volunteers and the generosity of donors. Can You Help?

Lastly, you should visit HASRA. There you will find a happy facility where rescued animals are cared for in a special way.  The animals have areas to run free and take off lease walks.  Volunteers take time to play and interact with animals. It is a fun place.  You will find happy animals.

Above all check out their website for further information. HASRA is a wonderful organization.  Maybe you have a love for animals and are looking to volunteer.  Do you have spare time for a worthy cause? Here is a link for you. . Learn more about them today!

Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

A must for me is to have Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving.  Some of you dream of the turkey and all the fixings (or should I say “Fixins”), but me, it’s the Pumpkin Pie.  As a kid, I spent some time living in northern New England. Thanksgiving there is celebrated with pork pies (known as Toutiere for my French Canadian friends), sausage dressing bursting forth from golden turkeys, scalloped potatoes and many other tempting dishes.  But as I said, the main thing I looked forward to each year was the Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving.


Pumpkin Pie
Best Ever Pie – Pumpkin

When I moved away from home I continued the tradition , my Mom’s Pumpkin Pie for  Thanksgiving.  Her recipe started from the label of “One-Pie Pumpkin.” Mom modified all her recipes. Here it is:

Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Recipe

  • 1 15 ounce can of  Pumpkin
  • 1 tbsp. Cornstarch
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. Ginger
  • 1/4 tsp. Nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp. Salt 
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. Butter just melted
  • 1-12 oz. can Evaporated Milk
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1/8 cup Molasses plus 1 tbsp.
  • 2 beaten Eggs 

Mix sugar, cornstarch, salt, and spices together. Mix in the pumpkin. Add beaten eggs, butter, molasses, & milk.  Line a 9-inch pie plate, pour in contents. Make an aluminum foil collar around the crust edge. (to be remove the last 15 minutes of baking)Preheat oven & bake at 450 for 15 minutes. Then reduce temp. to 350 and bake another 50 minutes. Now enjoy the best pumpkin pie you have ever eaten!

Thanksgiving Wishes

All of us here at Alabama Metal Art / Tri-State Metals, would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. May you enjoy time with your friends and families. Be safe and eat lots of Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving!  And don’t forget us for those unique one of a kind holiday gifts.

Huntsville Area Association of Realtors Expo

The Huntsville Area Association of Realtors held their 2015 Expo today at the Roundhouse in Huntsville.  This was Alabama Metal Arts first year attending and we were quite excited to show off our metal art.  We displayed our new designs along with our tried and true designs including one of our house number signs.

The Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® (HAAR)is well know in the area and is made up of 2,000-members. These real estate professionals are involved in all aspects of the industry, including residential/commercial sales, leasing, and appraisals.  This  exciting  yearly Expo is well attended.

There was lots of traffic around our booth as Alabama Metal Art provides a unique product that can be personalized in many ways.  Metal art can be adapted to be displayed inside the home or outside the home – Metal Art Makes A Great Gift – for any home owner.

At Alabama Metal Art we are always happy to help you choose a design that is ideal for you and your home.  We are located in Florence, Alabama, and have shipped our art pieces throughout the United States as well as a few countries overseas.  Feel free to call us at 1-888-760-0006, Monday through Friday.  Also follow us on Facebook.



Custom Business Signs

Custom Company Sign for You by Alabama Metal Art

Custom Company Signs, Layered Business Sign, Metal Company Signs

Visibility and awareness is important for a business.  One way to accomplished this is to have a high Quality Business Sign.  At Alabama Metal Art we can help. Using an existing business logo or a new idea our designer can assist in coming up with a Custom Company Sign.  Equally important a company sign must be durable.Company Business Sign, Metal Business Sign, Metal Company Sign

A Custom business sign is not limited to one style.  The “One Place of the Shoals” sign is a great example of layered steel. Different colors of powder coating are added for effect.  The “inbound Marketing Specialists” sign shows a stencil cut-out style mounted to a multi-color back  plate.  This style sign is ideal for an inside environment.

Custom Company Sign, Custom Raised Letters, Company Metal Sign

A Custom Business Sign is Versatile

The “Court Street Market” sign is an example of raised metal letters that are used for Custom Business Signs.  Each letter is cutout on our laser then painted with a silver powder coating.  Letters are mounted directly to the face of the business.  The powder coating is rated to resist weather elements providing a durable finish that stands out against the brick facade. Because many signs are outside it is important to resist the weather.

In short if you are a business in need of a dynamite sign, don’t hesitate to contact us!  1-888-760-0006 or email us at . Contact us today!