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It's like spirit wear... for your walls, halls, walkways, and more!  Get your eBook to learn how custom crafted signage will strengthen your school or university’s sense of identity. 

3 issues facing facility and campus administrators for their school campus signs.

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Brand Inconsistency

Many campuses acquire an unwanted accumulation of different signage designs.  This occurs as a result of brand design changes or sign orders that were placed at different times throughout the years.

Wear & Tear

Over time signs may fade, crack, or succumb to external elements.  Select materials that are unique to the signs location. Considerations include interior or exterior signage, sign placement, and high-traffic areas. 

Custom Designs Needed

Often, new construction, renovations, or interior designs need custom built signs to fit the new style.  Keeping styles updated reflect the perception of your institution to faculty, staff, students, and visitors alike. 

Preview Our Education Industry Signage Showcase

Take a look at this out this gallery of custom education signage.

education industry signs

Our experts understand the relationship of integrating school colors, fonts, and design styles with individual community spaces.

durable custom signage 

We fabricate custom signs...that last!  Special attention is given to every logo, motto, and mascot signage down to the most intricate detail.

Campus Branding
fuse your brand with your interior design

Branded Interior designs reflect your identity and create visual appeal.  Generate an exclusive workplace experience throughout your organization with customized signage.


Alabama Metal Art

Alabama Metal Art provides custom sign solutions to schools, colleges, and universities.  We are committed to craftsmanship and approaches each sign as a unique work of art. Founded in 2009, Alabama Metal Art is headquartered in Florence, Alabama and is a Division of Tri-State Metals, Inc.


Get your eBook to learn see how you can implement custom designed school signs on your campus.

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