Custom Fireplace Screens

A Fireplace Screen for Your Home

A good fireplace screen must be designed to protect your home.  Because fireplaces are hand build they will vary in sizes.  Prior to purchasing a screen you will want to measure the opening of your fireplace.  Therefore, measure the width across the top and the bottom.  Measure the height on the left and right sides of the opening.  Standard sizes allow for a 1″ overlap on all sides.  With a multiple panel screen the average overlap is 12″ which allows for the screen to be free standing.

What Style Do You Like

As with anything else there are several styles of fireplace screens.  The two styles we offer at Alabama Metal Art are a single panel and the three panels. Both styles can be custom made to the size and decoration you want.  Your design can incorporate your family monogram, or a silhouette of a scene that is meaningful to you.  We will work with you to come up with just what you want.  We provide a drawing proof for all custom work for your approval.

Custom Pieces: The price of custom pieces varies based on size, finish and complexity of design and are quoted on an individual basis. The gallery pictures are samples of what some of the possibilities are. Contact us today for a quote.