Kenny Lewis

Creating high-quality metal signs, like the ones we make at Alabama Metal Art, require reliable equipment to cut, grind and shape signs to customers’ exact specifications. One of the craftsmen behind our tools – keeping cutters, grinders and more in excellent operational shape – is Kenny Lewis, Lead Maintenance Tech and Designer.

About Kenny Lewis

Kenny has been with us for nearly 11 years, joining the team as a laser technician. Since then, he has grown into an expert at machine operation and maintenance, including welding, powder operating laser, plasma, oxyfuel, and router CNC machines. Kenny is also a Designer, creating sign designs for our customers.

What Makes Kenny Proud

Kenny said what he enjoys most about his career is when he sees a satisfied customer. “Every time a customer comes in to pick up a sign or we install it for them they are almost always surprised by how great the craftsmanship of the final product is,” Kenny said. “It normally exceeds their expectations, and it shows in their smile and gratitude.”

Kenny’s Favorite Project

Kenny has worked on hundreds of projects, but he said the most challenging and most rewarding was an 8-by-20-foot backlit feature wall for a hospital in Pennsylvania. “The 8 X 20 was a real challenge because of the size of the build,” said Kenny.

Arm tattoo

A Family Man

A proud father of three, Kenny displays this pride with a tattoo on his arm of a clock pointing to the time that his 8-year-old daughter was born.

“It’s topped with a cross to thank God for allowing me to be her father,” Kenny shared. He plans to get tattoos for his younger children, ages 6 and 2, soon. When not working, Kenny can be found playing video games with his kids or taking the oldest children to karate.


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