Finish Choices For Your Metal Art

Finish Choices for Your Metal Art

Why not choose the best Powder Coat or Patina finish for your metal art.  ALL of our finishes are suitable for your INTERIOR home decor.

Powder Coat:

For Exterior businesses, home and garden metal art application the recommended finish is powder coating. Insure your custom metal art business sign is properly protected.  Powder is a free flowing application applied electrostatically.  Advantages over conventional liquid coatings include a thicker layer of paint providing greater durability.

If you are considering decorative metal panels, there are many color options.  If you are looking for that custom color, we can help with that as well. Contact us today and we can advise you on the best powder for your metal art

Patina Finish:

A clear powder coat application provides added protection for the Japanese Maple Patina.  Each application of this patina is unique.  We recommend this for INTERIOR use only.  Due to this 2-step process (patina and clear powder coat) the Japanese Maple finish is an additional $25.

  • Black Powder Coat

  • Bronze Texture Powder Coat

  • Cast Iron Black

  • Cobblestone Beige Powder Coat

  • Copper Vein Powder Coat

  • Gold Powder Coat

  • Gold Vein Powder Coat

  • Japanese Maple Patina

    $25 add-on

  • Navy Blue Powder Coat

  • Pewter Powder Coat

  • Ruby Red Powder Coat

  • Shimmer River Powder Coat

  • Silver Bronze Hammertone Powder Coat

  • Silver Vein Powder Coat

  • Textured Brown Powder Coat

  • White Powder Coat