The Hospitality Wave


As our business at Alabama Metal Art evolves a new term has become familiar to us. It is hospitality art. Over the years our products have gone out to hotels, restaurants and medical facilities throughout the Unites States. At first, we considered our products “wall art” and didn’t equate them to the word hospitality art.  Which is now an emerging word in the industry.

To me hospitality refers to the friendly welcoming of guests and/or strangers. When hospitality is merged with art I feel the same welcoming connection should occur.  I look to see does the art piece make one feel comfortable or happy?  Does it evoke a hospitable response?  The art piece can be simple or very complex. The buzz is that it must be unique.

Being an employee of a metal art company, I must broaden my thoughts to go beyond metal regarding hospitality art.  Scrubbing the internet, I find many different medias are used in this world of hospitality art.  Featured art has stretched beyond framed work on walls. Today you will find decorative wooden panels, three dimensional pictures, split images, wall sculptures, custom wallpapers, naturescapes, paper configurations, glassworks, and wood art.  There seem to be no limits.  What counts is creativity.  Making that connection.

Washington DC Metro Rail Wall Art
The Daley at Shady Grove Metro
Rockville, MD

Be Unique

By incorporating distinctive art into their property, the hotel or business owner enhances the feeling and décor of their establishment. This is occurring in hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and corporate offices. In a sense, the feeling of a small art gallery is being created in these locations. If done correctly this will draw future business as a guest or client will remember their experience. Then pass the recommendation or a compliment via word of mouth.  Personal recommendations are one the best marketing successes.

In today’s world travelers are driven by seeing or learning something new, they want an experience. This is true with the merging travelers, the Millennials. Currently, Millennials make up 33% of all travelers. To capture the business of this group hotels have started incorporating unique art pieces into their lobbies and guest rooms to satisfy the curious nature of the Millennial.

Also, many people travel for business. A hotel guest room must be more than just a room, it must become a place of rest. After spending days in meetings or conferences, the traveler needs to escape, to relax. By incorporating hospitality art into a facility, the establishment is creating an experience. The art on the wall is no longer just a decoration but an opportunity to draw the guest in. Whether to provoke thought or teach something new the role of art in the hospitality industry has expanded.


Keeping in Step

As we grow and stretch in our business we want to be in tune with trends within the industry.  We are fortunate to work with several designers that have increased our exposure in the hospitality art field.  The more complex the challenge the more we enjoy the project.  Our mission is to stay competitive and current in this field of hospitality art.  Our mantra of “Avoid the Ordinary” is what we want to be. Check out some of the projects on our Hospitality webpage.

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