Metal Signs Across America Reaching Out From Alabama

Some years back when we were sticking our toes into the metal art pool we never dreamed we would have grown to the point that we are at today. Our first metal art products were fabricated using our plasma machine. For those who have used a plasma before you understand like us that they are not the most precise machines. Many extra hours of prep were spent grinding away rough edges. At that time our artwork was finished using wet paint. That was a challenge in itself.

Plasma Cutting, metalwork, metal art process

Growing the Business

As business began to grow, one of our owners decided that in order to produce more product we needed to upgrade our machinery.  Soon we had a-rockin’ laser machine on site.  Well, that was after a few minor adjustments such as building a new shop building.  The new building was a great idea as we soon left the wet paint process behind and began powder coating all metal art pieces.  This required us adding a paint booth and a curing oven.  Soon our shop was filled with all the tools and equipment to ramp up our production.

Everything we did, in the early days, was a learning process for us. Looking back at some of the metal art we did, seemed primitive. Fortunate for us we have a team of forward thinkers inspiring us all to move ahead and refine our designs as well as our processes. I like to think we have reached a point that our metal art pieces stand well above the average business sign. Around here we like to say “Avoid the Ordinary.” That is why we take time to refine the designs requested and we are a bit tough on ourselves when we do our quality inspection. A little flaw can send a piece back through the processes.

We Like Metal Business Signs

As business progressed we were approached by several local businesses asking if we could make business signs for them.  Not liking to back down from a challenge we took on the task and created some excellent and unique signs.  Word of mouth still is a mighty tool in the marketing world and soon we had other local businesses in our area reach out to us and have us make them signs as well.  Metal Signs make such a statement they aren’t often forgotten by those who see them.  They are really a work of art.

Custom Metal Letters Mounted on Wood
Cotton Woods –
Custom Letters on Wood

Even though we are known as Alabama Metal Art we soon started getting inquiries from areas outside the state. To us, this was quite exciting as our products were soon stretching beyond our tight borders. Significant sign orders arrived from California to Wisconsin, to Oklahoma to New York.  Soon we began tracking which states we had not sent one of our metal art pieces to.  Two years ago we hit state number forty-eight.  With a mission statement to supply the top product and excellent customer service, we hope this trend continues on and on.

Another fun part of our business making signs is we reach across a variety of companies.  Salons, SPA’s, restaurants, doctors, dentists, accountants, universities, lawyers, and chiropractors to name a few.  Our signs are developed for interior and exterior environments. With a diverse customer base, we never lose our desire to “Avoid the Ordinary” in our creations.

Metal Business Sign for UNA - Steele Center for Professional Selling
Business School
University of North Alabama


Our Journey Continues Forward

So even though we are a somewhat small business we have come a long way since our inception. We look at each new order with a determination to wow our customer. We continue to be motivated to improve our designs and processes. Most of all we are determined to be the best at what we do.  Take time to look through our website, we would love to add you to our family of customers. You will find us eager to make a great lasting impression. Alabama Metal Art.



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  1. Hi. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and was interested in getting a name for an outdoor address slab however the form would not accept my postal code. Do you ship to Canada?

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