Holy Metal Cows of Florence, Alabama

Holy herd of metal cows have MOO-ved into Florence, Alabama…

If you live in our corner of the world, the northwestern corner of Alabama, and you’re riding around looking at the beautiful fall colors, you might see some cows. LOTS of cows. But the cows we’re talking about don’t move – they are metal cows, decorated in a variety of colors and styles.

“Moo-ses” at Trinity Episcopal Church

It’s a fundraising project for the St. Francis Fund, a charity started by Trinity Episcopal Church in Florence with the goal of raising and giving away a million dollars to charitable projects in the Shoals.  Businesses and individuals all around town “adopted” these metal cows, for a fee, decorated them and then displayed them. There are even maps, telling the story of each metal cow, and encouraging people to see them all and vote – with money – for their favorite. (All of the money collected goes to the St. Francis Fund.)

You’ll see a little bit of everything as you examine the Holy Herd of St. Francis.  There’s “Moo-ses,” at Trinity Church, and “Moo-La,” at Merrill Lynch; the Children’s Museum has a cow named, of course, “Moo-seum,”

and Craig Construction Company has “Bull Dozer.”  Our favorite is “Cow Patty,” adopted and decorated by Patty and Greg Lewis.  There are 34 of these cows, altogether, and one reason we know so much about this great project is that the cows were all manufactured by Alabama Metal Art.  Charity organizer Mary White came to us with sketches, and we took it from there; we manufactured two sizes for the cows and one cow’s head that sits on a stand, for smaller gardens. The metal cows were furnished to the St. Francis Fund in basic black, and the adopted owners decorated them the way they felt best expressed their individual personalities.

“Moo-seum” in front of the Childrens Museum at Deibert Park

At the end of the month, most of the cows will find a permanent home at Deibert Park, a popular city park in the center of Florence that’s a favorite with walkers, joggers and dog owners. It will be a reminder of this great fundraising idea!

When someone wants to know what we do, it’s easy to talk about personalized signs and art for the home and garden.  These days, we can also talk about being involved with a herd of metal cows that raised some money for good causes in our area.  Holy Cow!


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