A Multi Layered Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Three layered business logo sign, powder coated sign, Alabama Metal Art
RIPFIT Indoor Cycling and Boxing Circuit Blue Bell, PA

A Multi Layered Business Sign will bring dimensional attention to a business.  Adding several layers to your sign you can target certain focal areas that you wish to stand out.  A good example would be to add an extra layer with your logo.  You want your sign to grab the potential customer and make a great first impression.  In the illustration above, “RIPFIT,” the sign uses their business logo.

Layered business sign, metal salon sign, Alabama Metal Art

The “Envy – A Salon” above uses layers powder coated two colors of blue.  The light blue as a background against the navy makes the sign standout.  Color is a dependable way to add interest to your sign.  Each color of this sign is a different layer.

A Multi Layered Sign – Simple and Complex Designs

Two Layer Company Business Sign, Alabama Metal Art

Salon Business Sign, Company business sign, Alabama Metal Art


A Multi layered sign can be simple or it can be complex.  Each individual layer can be coated with different powder colors for many effects.   Combining different layers with other styles is a good way to amplify the visibility of your sign.  Both illustrations above are great samples of what can be accomplished with layers.


Mulit Layered business sign, Alabama Metal Art, Multi color powder coating


The above sign for “One Place” is an fine representation of multi layered signage.  The Logo is made up of three colors.  Here again the use of color makes the sign stand out.  The customer chose to use raised letters for the balance of the sign.  Signs can consist of one style or when appropriate, a mix different styles.  In this example the components where mounted directly to the outside of the building.
A Multi Layered Sign for Sorella Farms, Farm signs, business signs

Sorella Farms, located in the beautiful countryside of Evington, Virginia, is a place of celebration for weddings, receptions, and other special events.  This beautiful sign incorporated their logo using several different layers of metal.  This provided the pallet for both color and dimension.

Alabama Metal Art has worked with many different customers to develop a business sign that will meet the business need.  Feel free to contact us with any of your custom metal sign questions.  We will be more than happy to assist you in any way.  www.alabamametalart.com


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