With a new year comes new trends, starting with your logo. Here are three trends that are helpful to know going into the new year. While you may not feel it’s necessary to do a complete logo refresh, you might want to alter your logo to be on trend this year.

Keep it Simple

First and foremost, keep your logo simple. Simplification isn’t just a logo design trend in 2022, it is also a great way to implement many different styles so any brand can do this. In order to achieve simplicity in your logo design there are three things to keep in mind: practicality, comfort and aesthetics.


This is when letters overlap – destruction of their parts, incompleteness, emptiness in lines, and faded parts – all of which draws the viewer’s attention to the logo. While this trend is great, it’s important to not overdo this. The inscription needs to remain distinctive. The audience shouldn’t be guessing what brand they’re dealing with. They must remember and recognize it next time.

Bold Typography

In 2022 we will see logos which will raise the text from words that support the image to the focus itself. Things like bold and strange fonts will greatly complemented by outstanding characters.

There are many ways to make a font bold, like playing around with the size of letters, their order, and positions. This might seem crazy, but that’s the whole point!

Designing your logo like this allows our staff at Alabama Metal Art to layer your sign and create even more dimension and attention to detail that will impress and attract customers.

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