A Raised Letter Business Signs May Work for Your Business

Raised letter business signs are being used in many different ways to bring attention to businesses.  They provide   flexibility with different fonts, sizes and colors.  Letters can be made small or large depending on your application.  Raised Letter Business Signs can be mounted directly to a façade or can be mounted to a metal or wooden backplate on the building. Different back plates add an extra dimension to a sign.  Raised Letter Business Signs work in most environments both interior and exterior. The raised letter signs can be combined with company Logos for added flair and visibility.

Raised Letters for CustomCompany Sign - Court Street Florence
Night image of Court Street Market Raised Letter Business Sign

Considerations for your Raised Letter Business Signs

When thinking of a Raised Letter Business Signs, you need to consider several things.  Will the letters be placed in a location that they will be seen both by foot traffic and drive by traffic.  Have you taken into account lighting for the letters? How is night visibility?  Installation is an important consideration when purchasing a sign. Will letters have studs or holes for anchors?  Will they mount flat against the building or require spacers?



Another consideration for your business sign is how will it hold up in the  outside elements.  Powder coating is a extra plus in this case.  Raised letters can be powder coated for durability and provide confidence that the finish will hold up in the elements.  With powder coating you can extend the life of the finish if it properly maintained.  If your powder coated business sign is outside it will get dirty.  The best way to clean a powder coated piece is to use filtered water under low pressure on a pressure washer.  Add a mild detergent that is chlorine free to remove grime.  An occasional cleaning will assist in prolonging the finish of your sign.

Raised Letter Business Signs Clear Winds

We have posted several different examples of Raised Letter Business Signs on this blog. Check out our website for additional examples.  We will be happy to assist you in any way when you are looking to create the ideal sign for your business.  Feel free to contact us at Alabama Metal Art or email at info@alabamametalart.com.


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We have included a Business Sign Planning Sheet to assist you in creating your sign .Metal Company Sign, Raised Letter Business Sign, State Farm Insurance Sign, Alabama Metal Art

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