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Custom Company Sign for You by Alabama Metal Art

Custom Company Signs, Layered Business Sign, Metal Company Signs

Visibility and awareness is important for a business.  One way to accomplished this is to have a high Quality Business Sign.  At Alabama Metal Art we can help. Using an existing business logo or a new idea our designer can assist in coming up with a Custom Company Sign.  Equally important a company sign must be durable.Company Business Sign, Metal Business Sign, Metal Company Sign

A Custom business sign is not limited to one style.  The “One Place of the Shoals” sign is a great example of layered steel. Different colors of powder coating are added for effect.  The “inbound Marketing Specialists” sign shows a stencil cut-out style mounted to a multi-color back  plate.  This style sign is ideal for an inside environment.

Custom Company Sign, Custom Raised Letters, Company Metal Sign

A Custom Business Sign is Versatile

The “Court Street Market” sign is an example of raised metal letters that are used for Custom Business Signs.  Each letter is cutout on our laser then painted with a silver powder coating.  Letters are mounted directly to the face of the business.  The powder coating is rated to resist weather elements providing a durable finish that stands out against the brick facade. Because many signs are outside it is important to resist the weather.

In short if you are a business in need of a dynamite sign, don’t hesitate to contact us!  1-888-760-0006 or email us at . Contact us today!



Custom Signs for Home, Office, or Store Fronts

Custom Signs

For businesses the ability to easily be identified by their customers is so important.  A custom sign is one way to solve this problem.  Well established, or just starting out, most successful businesses know the importance of good signage.

Custom Signs, Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio, Alabama Metal Art
Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio

Custom signs not only help customers find the business or store they are looking for but they also serve to reinforce brand awareness.  Special fonts and logos can be used so that the visual branding of the business is consistent.  Take the “Par Lounge” sign shown below.  The image of the golfer and the specialized font both match this business’ already established logo.

Custom Signs, Par Lounge custom business sign, Alabama Metal Art, Golf Club House
Par Lounge custom business sign

In addition custom signs can be used to enhance the inside of a business showroom or office.  The “Martin Foot Specialists” and “Britta’s Tea Room” signs are two examples of this.   These two signs both used established “Name Art” designs offered by Alabama Metal Art and were personalized with business names rather than a family name.  These Name Art pieces work well in areas (inside or out) where larger signs are not appropriate.

Custom Signs, Name Art designs personalized with business names.
Name Art designs personalized with business names.

Special Signs

Businesses and organizations often have needs for special signs other than for name, location, and brand awareness.  Take this “Secret Garden” sign for example.  This organization had a playground constructed where all the playground equipment and supplies were donated by local businesses and residents. This custom sign was developed as a means to recognize all those that so generously donated their time and money.

Custom Sign, Custom donor sign, Alabama Metal Art
Custom donor sign

Custom signs are not confined to the business world. “The Farm” sign shown below was shipped to Canada where it will be displayed on a family farm. “The Secret Garden” sign above and “The Farm” sign below share a similar feature.  On each sign the lettering and the floral detail (Secret Garden) are attached in a way so that they appear to “float” over the back plate. This method of construction allows for the lettering and back plate to receive separate contrasting decorative finishes so that the writing is more easily seen. In addition this method creates a 3-dimensional look that gives the sign some “depth” and character.

Custom Sign,Custom sign for family farm in Canada, Alabama Metal Art
Custom sign for family farm in Canada.

Whether it’s at home on a family farm, on an office wall, or identifying a store front custom signs come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes.  If you are in need of a custom sign for any reason contact Alabama Metal Art to see what we can create for you!

Alabama Metal Art Sign staged against an ice background

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