Custom Business Signs

Custom Company Sign for You by Alabama Metal Art

Custom Company Signs, Layered Business Sign, Metal Company Signs

Visibility and awareness is important for a business.  One way to accomplished this is to have a high Quality Business Sign.  At Alabama Metal Art we can help. Using an existing business logo or a new idea our designer can assist in coming up with a Custom Company Sign.  Equally important a company sign must be durable.Company Business Sign, Metal Business Sign, Metal Company Sign

A Custom business sign is not limited to one style.  The “One Place of the Shoals” sign is a great example of layered steel. Different colors of powder coating are added for effect.  The “inbound Marketing Specialists” sign shows a stencil cut-out style mounted to a multi-color back  plate.  This style sign is ideal for an inside environment.

Custom Company Sign, Custom Raised Letters, Company Metal Sign

A Custom Business Sign is Versatile

The “Court Street Market” sign is an example of raised metal letters that are used for Custom Business Signs.  Each letter is cutout on our laser then painted with a silver powder coating.  Letters are mounted directly to the face of the business.  The powder coating is rated to resist weather elements providing a durable finish that stands out against the brick facade. Because many signs are outside it is important to resist the weather.

In short if you are a business in need of a dynamite sign, don’t hesitate to contact us!  1-888-760-0006 or email us at . Contact us today!