The Importance of a Custom Business Sign

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It is so important for businesses to be easily identified by their customers.  A custom business sign is one way to solve this problem.  Well established, or just starting out, most successful businesses know the importance of good signage. A well designed plan for your custom business sign will instantly and effectively communicate the style, professionalism and overall presence of your business. A custom business sign will convey to people who you are, where you are and what you do.

Your custom business sign is often the publics’ first perception of you and your first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential customers.  These days’ customers are highly attuned to marketing messages, and can quickly pick up on visual cues.  These can either please or displease them. Even small businesses have had to raise the standard of their presentation to remain competitive.

Custom Business Sign, Custom Company Sign, Metal Business Sign, Alabama Metal ArtWhile signage is a necessity for any business, don’t underestimate its use and versatility as an advertising tool. As an advertising tool, signage can also increase awareness of your business. It will enhance the impact and support other media campaigns you may undertake. It will be the visual link to your customers.

We can create your new sign using your business logo, or base it on something we have done in the past, or start completely from scratch using your design ideas.  The more information you can provide the better we can meet your needs.  Logos and design concepts can be e-mailed to

Pricing for custom work is determined based on size, complexity of design, and finish.  Each business sign is quoted on an individual basis. Alabama Metal Art strives to design and create the perfect custom business sign for your company. Contact us today and let us get to work on your creation!  We will be happy to meld your ideas with our expertise.

Custom Business Sign Testimonial

Custom Company Sign, Metal Company Sign, Alabama Metal Art Business SignAlabama Metal Art recently had the privilege of working with a new Integrative Social Media Marketing Company. Together  creating custom business sign for their office.  Robbie Hillis, founder of Inbound Marketing Specialists, came to us with his logo. He asked if we could make a sign for his office.  We were thrilled to take on the project, and to put our new CNC laser burner to work.

The process for creating a custom business sign is simple. You provide us with a digital image of your logo and let us do the rest! We create a custom CAD drawing based on your logo. Then covert this drawing for use on our laser. Next the creation begins.  We allow you to get as creative as you wish when it comes to color choices. With over 6500 powder coat choices the possibilities are endless!

We Can Help With Design Specifics

In this specific sign, Robbie chose to come look at the project along the way. After the metal was cut, we worked together to decide what colors would be best for the look he was trying to achieve.  If you are not local, and would still like to see your product in the process, we will work with you in that aspect.  We invite our customers to be involved!

We asked Robbie to provide feedback as to the process, and these were his words. “When I began to place things in our new office space at the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center I knew right away that we needed a cool looking sign for the door.  That’s when I floated the idea to Robert after learning about their new laser cutting machine.  Then he quickly got on my website and found a digital image of my logo.  In the end this process was so quick and easy from start to finish.  This piece definitely speaks to who we are at Inbound Marketing Specialists!”

Custom Signs for Home, Office, or Store Fronts

Custom Signs

For businesses the ability to easily be identified by their customers is so important.  A custom sign is one way to solve this problem.  Well established, or just starting out, most successful businesses know the importance of good signage.

Custom Signs, Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio, Alabama Metal Art
Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio

Custom signs not only help customers find the business or store they are looking for but they also serve to reinforce brand awareness.  Special fonts and logos can be used so that the visual branding of the business is consistent.  Take the “Par Lounge” sign shown below.  The image of the golfer and the specialized font both match this business’ already established logo.

Custom Signs, Par Lounge custom business sign, Alabama Metal Art, Golf Club House
Par Lounge custom business sign

In addition custom signs can be used to enhance the inside of a business showroom or office.  The “Martin Foot Specialists” and “Britta’s Tea Room” signs are two examples of this.   These two signs both used established “Name Art” designs offered by Alabama Metal Art and were personalized with business names rather than a family name.  These Name Art pieces work well in areas (inside or out) where larger signs are not appropriate.

Custom Signs, Name Art designs personalized with business names.
Name Art designs personalized with business names.

Special Signs

Businesses and organizations often have needs for special signs other than for name, location, and brand awareness.  Take this “Secret Garden” sign for example.  This organization had a playground constructed where all the playground equipment and supplies were donated by local businesses and residents. This custom sign was developed as a means to recognize all those that so generously donated their time and money.

Custom Sign, Custom donor sign, Alabama Metal Art
Custom donor sign

Custom signs are not confined to the business world. “The Farm” sign shown below was shipped to Canada where it will be displayed on a family farm. “The Secret Garden” sign above and “The Farm” sign below share a similar feature.  On each sign the lettering and the floral detail (Secret Garden) are attached in a way so that they appear to “float” over the back plate. This method of construction allows for the lettering and back plate to receive separate contrasting decorative finishes so that the writing is more easily seen. In addition this method creates a 3-dimensional look that gives the sign some “depth” and character.

Custom Sign,Custom sign for family farm in Canada, Alabama Metal Art
Custom sign for family farm in Canada.

Whether it’s at home on a family farm, on an office wall, or identifying a store front custom signs come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes.  If you are in need of a custom sign for any reason contact Alabama Metal Art to see what we can create for you!

Alabama Metal Art Sign staged against an ice background

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