Avoid the Ordinary with an Alabama Metal Art Business Sign

Recently, in our weekly staff meeting we came up with our credo “Avoid the Ordinary.”  We want our customers to know we are here to provide extraordinary customer service. We are NOT Ordinary.


What is the Right Choice for Your Business

A Custom Sign is a significant investment for any business.  We, at Alabama Metal Art, commit to furnish you as a customer, a sound solution to meet your business requirements.  Our designers Chris, Robert, and Logan will have numerous questions for you.  They want to ensure they have a complete picture of what you need.  We will make the entire process as painless as possible.


Why A Metal Art Business Sign

We as consumers have so many choices in today’s marketplace.  Because of this Alabama Metal Art strives to provide the best customer service, a quality product at an affordable price.  Metal Business signs are not cheap, but are affordable for the quality and look you get from having one.  Whether your sign is crafted from carbon steel or aluminum the main characteristic is durability.  If you are considering a business sign for the outside environment the longevity of a metal sign will outlast acrylic, PVC, or wood.  Indoors, these metal signs will last for decades.

stratxitIT Metal Business Sign on a Gray Lighted Wall by Alabama Metal Art

Versatility in Metal

Many of our metal business signs are manufactured from 1/8″ metal.  However, you have the option to use a thinner metal depending upon your application.  This is something we take into consideration when making a multiple layer sign.  All our designs are cut out on our CNC laser which provides you with significant versatility when purchasing a custom sign. By using the CNC laser, we can do something as simple as cut out letters or something as complex as a multi-layer sign.  By mixing styles, or layers we can create something which will make your business stand out.  We want your customer to have a lasting impression of your custom sign.

Inbound Marketing Specialists a layered business sign by Alabama Metal Art

Logo’s Anyone

One part of our design process, we find both challenging and enjoyable is incorporating your logo into the design of the sign.  Sometimes a simple stencil cut is sufficient.  Clemmons & Hammer Seed, Inc. is a strong example of this.  The wall which this sign is mounted to will show through adding to the appearance of the business sign. stratxIT is an example where the logo required some color.  We incorporated several different backplates to show through the stencil to produce the desired look for this logo. RocketCity Chiropractic takes a stylized cut out of the logo mounted directly to the wall. We will work with you to get the perfect look to show off your business logo.

Clemmons & Hamner Seed, Inc. A Stenciled Business Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Let’s Add Powder to the Mix

By adding the option of a powder coat finish, Alabama Metal Art can offer you even more options.  Powder coating comes in crinkles, wrinkles, leatherettes, veins, hammertones and antique textured finishes.  Combinations of these textures potentially can make your sign more dynamic.  The RIPFIT Sign we did for an Indoor Cycling & Cardio Fitness Facility in Bluebell, PA. is a great example of this.  The black base of this sign is done in a mini texture with a standard smooth white showing through as a backplate.  The RIPFIT lettering is finished in a Silver Hammertone with the gloves and the cycle finished in a gloss red.  You can see how the layers and different textures in this sign add to the professional look of this sign.  Too say the least the combinations of texture and styles are numerous.


Let Nature Help

Another option is to allow nature to “age” the metal and another dynamic to your sign.  Walter’s Point and Ava’s Place are examples you may want to consider.  In both cases the back plates are unfinished and are left to rust.  As you can see this adds a rustic interest to these signs.  It may be a technique you wish to incorporate into your design.

Ava's Place Wedding Venue Sign by Alabama Metal Art

Finally, as you can see there are many styles, colors and textures that can be part of your custom business sign.  Here are a few things to consider when working with us to create the perfect sign for you:

  • What finished size do you want your business sign to be
  • Will your business sign be inside or outside?
  • Do you have a logo or existing design concept you want us to use?
  • Will weight play into the design of your business sign?
    • Carbon Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Where will the sign be mounted?
    • Will it Require Holes
    • Do you want the mounting holes to be hidden?
    • Do you want it to be set off the wall (spacers)?
  • Have you seen a style on our website that appeals to you?
    • Stencil Cut with or without a backplate
    • Individual letters
    • A multiple layer sign
  • What colors are you considering?
    • Do you want to include texture?
    • Do you want the metal to age in the elements?
  • What is the zip code of where we will ship your sign?

If you are just exploring your options or are already to get going on your Business Sign, give us a call today.  If it is after hours feel free to email us your ideas and requirements to info@alabamametalart.com  We look forward to supplying your with a one of a kind custom business sign.







HASRA – Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.


Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.

If you are familiar with the Florence/Killen, area of North Alabama, you may be familiar with HASRA. Likewise, you know the good work they do.  If not, let me take a minute to tell you about this grand organization.  You may not see the facility when looking for it as it sits off highway 72 (Lee Highway) hidden behind Arx Mortis.  However, it is ideally located with lots of outside area for the animals they rescue.

Non-Profit Sign, Metal Art Sign, Custom Metal Art Siogn
HASRA located in Killen, Alabama of highway 72

A Non-Profit Organization – HASRA

In brief, HASRA is a 501c(3) corporation established in 2009 by Debbie Rappuhn. HASRA stands for Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.  Animals are rescued from high kill shelters by HASRA together with aiding communities with strays.  Their first action with a stray is to find its owner if there is one. Unfortunately, many strays are abandoned pets.

Educate the Public

Therefore, public awareness is needed to bring attention to the fact that animal shelters are often overwhelmed.  For example:

  • Pet overpopulation in the United States is a serious problem
  • Unwanted pets are often abandoned
  • Pets are often not spayed or neutered and produce more unwanted offspring’s

Helping Animal Shelters

Therefore, HSRA is committed to supporting the animal shelters in North Alabama. They are a No-Kill organization dedicated to the protection of animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused, relinquished or found homeless.   Since its inception, HASRA has saved and found homes for 4000 animals. This type of organization relies both on volunteers and the generosity of donors. Can You Help?

Lastly, you should visit HASRA. There you will find a happy facility where rescued animals are cared for in a special way.  The animals have areas to run free and take off lease walks.  Volunteers take time to play and interact with animals. It is a fun place.  You will find happy animals.

Above all check out their website for further information. HASRA is a wonderful organization.  Maybe you have a love for animals and are looking to volunteer.  Do you have spare time for a worthy cause? Here is a link for you.  http://www.heartofalabamasra.com/index.html . Learn more about them today!

Custom Signs for Home, Office, or Store Fronts

Custom Signs

For businesses the ability to easily be identified by their customers is so important.  A custom sign is one way to solve this problem.  Well established, or just starting out, most successful businesses know the importance of good signage.

Custom Signs, Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio, Alabama Metal Art
Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio

Custom signs not only help customers find the business or store they are looking for but they also serve to reinforce brand awareness.  Special fonts and logos can be used so that the visual branding of the business is consistent.  Take the “Par Lounge” sign shown below.  The image of the golfer and the specialized font both match this business’ already established logo.

Custom Signs, Par Lounge custom business sign, Alabama Metal Art, Golf Club House
Par Lounge custom business sign

In addition custom signs can be used to enhance the inside of a business showroom or office.  The “Martin Foot Specialists” and “Britta’s Tea Room” signs are two examples of this.   These two signs both used established “Name Art” designs offered by Alabama Metal Art and were personalized with business names rather than a family name.  These Name Art pieces work well in areas (inside or out) where larger signs are not appropriate.

Custom Signs, Name Art designs personalized with business names.
Name Art designs personalized with business names.

Special Signs

Businesses and organizations often have needs for special signs other than for name, location, and brand awareness.  Take this “Secret Garden” sign for example.  This organization had a playground constructed where all the playground equipment and supplies were donated by local businesses and residents. This custom sign was developed as a means to recognize all those that so generously donated their time and money.

Custom Sign, Custom donor sign, Alabama Metal Art
Custom donor sign

Custom signs are not confined to the business world. “The Farm” sign shown below was shipped to Canada where it will be displayed on a family farm. “The Secret Garden” sign above and “The Farm” sign below share a similar feature.  On each sign the lettering and the floral detail (Secret Garden) are attached in a way so that they appear to “float” over the back plate. This method of construction allows for the lettering and back plate to receive separate contrasting decorative finishes so that the writing is more easily seen. In addition this method creates a 3-dimensional look that gives the sign some “depth” and character.

Custom Sign,Custom sign for family farm in Canada, Alabama Metal Art
Custom sign for family farm in Canada.

Whether it’s at home on a family farm, on an office wall, or identifying a store front custom signs come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes.  If you are in need of a custom sign for any reason contact Alabama Metal Art to see what we can create for you!

Alabama Metal Art Sign staged against an ice background

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