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Garden Gates Customized by Alabama Metal Art

Custom Garden Gates for You

Alabama Metal Art offers beautiful garden gates that are the perfect complement to your garden. Gardens are not just a summer novelty, they can be fully functioning in the fall as well.  This blog will go over you some insight into planning your fall garden so that your beautiful garden gate is not just left standing alone, with no garden to shadow.

When it comes to gardening, spring and summer often take the spotlight. Everything seems fresh and new, bright and beautiful, ready for warming rays and nurturing rains. When autumn rolls around, gardening can get a bit more complicated. There’s less sunshine, often-fickle temperatures, and the waning luster of plants on a slowdown. But a well-designed fall landscape can be just as beautiful as one in the height of summer.

Challenge of a Fall Garden

Planning a fall garden means figuring out what you want that garden to do. Would you like your landscape to continue a color and texture show you started in spring and summer? Does your changing landscape need to hide the unsightly facade of your home or enhance a particularly beautiful spot in your yard? Perhaps you just want a fall garden to highlight some of the colors and plants unique to autumn, while filling in blank spots in flowerbeds as warm-weather plants die back. Spend some time thinking through how your garden design and plants should function in autumn, and what you hope to accomplish with your fall garden.  Here is another link you may find helpful.  Epic Gardening.

As the year winds down, so too do the hours that you’ll spend outside. Take a look at your garden from the inside. What do you want to see out your windows in fall?  That view will help guide what you choose and where you place it when planning a fall garden.

Planting a fall garden requires a bit more planning, but the results are worth it.  Your garden gate from Alabama Metal Art will shine throughout the whole year!