Straight Line Metal Art

Modern Geometric and Mission Gate – Straight Line Metal Art

Introducing the two final new designs to our Personalized Metal Art Family.  The Modern Geometric and the Mission Gate, both are a study in straight line metal art.  Many of today’s designers have migrated to a modern, clean design. With this in mind, our head designer, Robert Miles, has created these two designs.

Mission Gate

The first straight line metal art design was pulled from the contemporary Mission Style.  The focus is on simple horizontal and vertical lines.  Mission Gate provides an excellent pallet to show off  the textured powder coatings we have available.  This bold design looks great outdoors with options to display  name or address.

A bit of a math freak, our designer dug back to his school  geometry days and came up with the Modern Geometric.  This straight line metal art design utilizes an octagonal frame emphasizing  diagonal lines.  A precise design, it is guaranteed to stand out in any environment.


The Process

Both straight line metal art pieces start out as 11 gauge (or 1/8″) thick sheet metal.  We nest our designs for efficient use of  each sheet. The metal is placed on the laser table, a program is downloaded, and the laser goes to work.  It is fascinating to watch the laser bounce with precision from one design to another. When completed minor prep is required prior to powder coating. Powder application takes a patient operator who will ensure the metal is covered.  Next the art piece goes into oven and is baked, producing a durable coating.  Final inspection completed,  the art piece is ready to ship.  We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are 100% satisfied.