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3 types of school signs you should have on your campus right now

By Michael Kienzle

February 19, 2020

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A majority of signs at schools, colleges, universities are flat and institutionalized. Often these are simply purpose-driven directional and informational signs.


Do you know you have options to challenge school signage mediocrity?  In fact, your signs can be stylish and exciting!  Included here are three styles of school sign designed to stand out on your campus.  

Large Wayfinding Signs

Student Engagement Center

Sometimes you have to go big.  Do this by drawing attention to common areas with large wayfinding signs.  This sign style breaks free from the standard institutionalized small wayfinding signs frequently found on campuses.  Colors and shapes allow them to draw attention from a distance.

Large wayfinding sign use cases:

  1. 1
    Highlight departments across campus
  2. 2
    Focus attention to common areas
  3. 3
    Create visibility in high traffic areas

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Feature Wall Signage

UNA Interior Display Signage

Add school spirit to an empty wall. Feature walls, also known as accent walls, fuse art and design.  You can design an impressive feature wall by utilizing multiple materials and colors.

Feature wall signage use cases:

  1. 1
    Showcase groups, clubs, or organizations
  2. 2
    Display school divisions and departments
  3. 3
    Historical presentations

Backlit Mascot Logo

UNA Lighted Mascot Logo Sign

Mascots help build and strengthen a school’s identity.  A backlit mascot sign in reinforces an emotional connection.  Plus, they're great for selfies!

Backlit mascot logo use cases:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Meeting rooms
  3. 3
    Sport complexes

The signs shown in this article can all be found at The University of North Alabama.  Do you have some creative ideas?  Let us know what you think would make a great school sign!

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