Our Machines

Large Format Flatbed Printer

This indispensable tool for printing high-quality graphics and designs onto a wide range of materials, including rigid substrates like wood, metal, glass, and acrylic. Its spacious printing bed accommodates large-sized materials, enabling the creation of oversized signage, banners, and displays with vibrant colors and sharp details.

With advanced inkjet technology, it offers exceptional print resolution and fast turnaround times, making it ideal for advertising agencies, print shops, and businesses seeking impactful visual communication solutions.


Digital Flatbed Cutting System

A digital flatbed cutting system revolutionizes precision cutting in diverse materials like foam, cardboard, vinyl, and more. Equipped with advanced technology, it employs high-speed cameras and intricate software to scan and precisely cut designs with unparalleled accuracy. Its versatility extends to various industries, from packaging to signage, offering swift production and minimizing material waste. This cutting-edge system ensures efficiency and quality in intricate cutting tasks, enhancing productivity across sectors.

metal signs installation

Local is more of an attitude than a location.

While most of our customers are in Alabama and the surrounding states, you’ll find Alabama Metal Art’s metal signs all across America. But no matter where you are, working with Alabama Metal Art feels like working with a local company.

When you call, you’ll speak directly with a designer who will personally walk you through our process.

Our Process for Building Metal Signs

Our team starts by understanding your goals and environment. Your signage can play a critical role in strengthening your brand and marketing strategy. Before the first spark flies, our gifted designers work collaboratively with you on ideas and concepts to fit your requirements.

Once the design is finalized and approved, our team of craftsmen gets to work making that concept a reality. Quality control at Alabama Metal Art is a serious business. Our metal signs are evaluated and reviewed through every stage of production.

Our team communicates every step of the way and stands behind each product. Once complete, we work with you on a flawless installation.

Materials Matter

While we create mostly metal signs, we also expanded our selection of materials to offer our customers more options! Here is a list of our materials.

metal signs steel example


metal signs aluminum example


metal signs stainless steel example

Stainless Steel

metal signs mixed metals example

Mixed Metals

metal signs mixed media example

Mixed Media

metal signs powdered coated metal example

Powder Coated Metal

MAX- Metal

wood sign example


hdu sign example


acrylic sign example


edge-lit acrylic sign example

Edge-Lit Acrylic

2-layer plastic sign example

2-Layer Plastics