• Metal Signs Across America Reaching Out From Alabama


    Some years back when we were sticking our toes into the metal art pool we never dreamed we would have grown to the point that we are at today. Our first metal art products were fabricated using our plasma machine. For those who have used a plasma before you understand like us that they are […]

  • The Hospitality Wave


    Hospitality As our business at Alabama Metal Art evolves a new term has become familiar to us. It is hospitality art. Over the years our products have gone out to hotels, restaurants and medical facilities throughout the Unites States. At first, we considered our products “wall art” and didn’t equate them to the word hospitality […]

  • Farm Sign, Stenciled Metal Farm Sign

    Farms Signs


    Custom Farm Sign or Ranch Sign Farm signs are popular.  Recently, a nice influx of farm signs have come through our shop.  We enjoy doing these signs as it gives us the opportunity to add chickens, horses, cows, and tractors to our work.  Such things rarely appear on the other signs that we do.   A […]

  • Avoid the Ordinary with an Alabama Metal Art Business Sign


    Recently, in our weekly staff meeting we came up with our credo “Avoid the Ordinary.”  We want our customers to know we are here to provide extraordinary customer service. We are NOT Ordinary. What is the Right Choice for Your Business A Custom Sign is a significant investment for any business.  We, at Alabama Metal […]

  • Metal Business Signs, Honey Hive, Metal Name Art, Cabin Rental Signs

    Honey Hive – A Vacation Escape


    Have you ever spent hours on the internet looking for a nice vacation escape? With me, I am always looking for somewhere unique, relaxing, but with activities close by.  Recently, we completed a metal art (shown below) piece for  the owners of the Honey Hive Cabins, located in the Wears Valley in Tennessee.  Taking some time […]

  • HASRA – Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt.


      Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt. If you are familiar with the Florence/Killen, area of North Alabama, you may be familiar with HASRA. Likewise, you know the good work they do.  If not, let me take a minute to tell you about this grand organization.  You may not see the facility when looking for it as it […]

  • Court Street Market Business Letters by Alabama Metal Art

    Court Street Market – A Jewel of a Place


      A VISIT TO THE MARKET Recently we took a break from our busy day and went for a visit to A Jewel of a Place located in downtown, Florence, Alabama – Court Street Market.  We were immediately greeting by the two creative forces of this operation, Carmen and Kai-Uwe Erdman.  Being a beautiful day we […]

  • Pillar & Peacock Business Sign by Alabama Metal Art

    A Design Studio Sign


    At Alabama Metal Art we enjoy new challenges to create business signs. Our goal is to create exceptional, unique signs for our customers.  Recently we had the pleasure to create A Design Studio Sign for Pillar & Peacock.  Using Pillar & Peacock’s design ideas we worked together to provide a successful solution. Pillar & Peacock […]

  • Envy A Salon Layered Business Sign by Alabama Metal Art

    A Multi Layered Sign by Alabama Metal Art


    A Multi Layered Business Sign will bring dimensional attention to a business.  Adding several layers to your sign you can target certain focal areas that you wish to stand out.  A good example would be to add an extra layer with your logo.  You want your sign to grab the potential customer and make a great […]

  • Raised Letters for Custom Business Signs - Court Street Florence

    A Raised Letter Business Signs May Work for Your Business


    Raised letter business signs are being used in many different ways to bring attention to businesses.  They provide   flexibility with different fonts, sizes and colors.  Letters can be made small or large depending on your application.  Raised Letter Business Signs can be mounted directly to a façade or can be mounted to a metal or wooden backplate […]