As a business owner, you know your company logo has a job to do.  That job is to greet the public, no matter where they are; on your website; your social media channels and digital ads; branded products and apparel; and at your business location. 

With this job comes a responsibility. Chin up and shoulders back; your logo needs to be ready to represent your ideals, your company culture, and your mission. This may seem easy enough to do in a digital or printed landscape. With proper composition and use of color, a digital or printed logo can be adjusted to fit the environment.or publication But what happens when you decide to take your logo from a flat design to the real world? The real world of business signage. What are your business sign options? Printing a logo over plastic or vinyl is a common option.

There is a time and place for that, but, maybe a flat design option is not for you.

Maybe you desire a solution that amplifies your logo. So, let’s rephrase the question. What is your best option for turning your logo into a custom sign that will make your visitors say “Shut the front door! Where did you get that sign?!?” Or, you know, something like that.

Let’s take a look at that option.

Logo Sign Techniques

An amplified logo projects depth and generates visual interest using one or more of the following techniques:

  • Stencil cut letters and shapes
  • Raised surfaces
  • Two or more layers
  • Contrasting colors
  • Contrasting textures
  • Two or more types of material
  • Embedded lighting

Chris Roberson, designer and co-owner of Alabama Metal Art, views the sign making process as both technical and creative. “Our customers want something different that they can’t find off the shelf. That’s why they come to us. Our team is always looking at innovative ways to create a visual experience with their signs.” 

Co-owner, David Smith, agrees, “Our designers can take flat logos, sometimes just a small black and white image, and turn them into these multidimensional works of art. I continue to be amazed when I walk into the studio and see these finished projects.”

Let’s take a look at  5 custom signs that really put logos into hyper drive.

Judd Builders

Judd Builders LogoJudd Builders Exterior Sign

Award-winning Asheville, NC based, Judd Builders wanted a design that would look right at home in their custom built sign base. A double-sided lighted sign is fabricated in brushed stainless steel. The backplate is finished with a clear coat base. The backlit Judd Builders logo is powder coated with Cast Iron Black with 49’r Gold highlights. Spinning spurs give the sign an extra kick!

Cook Museum of Natural Science

Cook Museum of Natural Science LogoCook Museum Sign

Cook Museum of Natural Science chose Alabama Metal Art for a custom sign to cap off their new lobby. It is set on a concave wall below a suspended Orbix Hot Glass sculpture and behind a one-of-a-kind Robin Wade Furniture desk. The laser cut stainless steel logo features Cook’s trademarked bug and individually cut letters. A clear powder coat finish is applied to all pieces. Stainless steel standoffs were used to project the design from the wall.

Listerhill Credit Union

Listerhill Credit Union Custom Sign

Listerhill Credit Union uses their logo and branding for interior office design throughout its many locations. The branch at this location features several stylized signs. The layered metal and stainless steel design is built to last. The center features a Pewter powder coat finish with a laser cut stencil logo with a “Listerhill Red” backplate. The same red is used for the frame that includes their motto, stencil cut with a Matte White backplate.


CANVAS LogoCanvas - Office Interior Business Sign

Looking equally like a work of art as an interior business sign, Huntsville, Alabama engineering consultant group, CANVAS, had three signs designed to coordinate with their historic downtown location. Letters were laser cut into a cold rolled steel base. A clear powder coat finish seals in the steel’s natural imperfections. The iconic top layer consists of overlapping clear coated stainless steel raised with standoffs.

K&S Equipment Sales

K&S Equipment and SalesK&S Equipment and Sales Business Sign

LED lighting highlights K&S Equipment Sales’ sign, matching it to their colorful logo. Our designers turned this Woodland, Alabama company’s flat logo image into a multi-dimensional work of art. The sign was fabricated in many layers including a brushed stainless steel layer with a protective clear powder coat, a layer of Cast Iron Black powder coated aluminum, and a frosted acrylic layer behind the K&S and the elliptical ring.

These business sign logos really do the job they were born to do, speak to their audience. Keep in touch with this blog. We’ll feature more hardworking logos in the future!

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