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One of the deciding factors for going with our signs as opposed to other companies is our customer service culture. Throughout the years, customers shared with us how amazed they are that they can call us directly. They love that they can speak with a person instead of having to deal with an online process.

One of our core values is “Open Communication.” We take this seriously both internally and externally while building relationships with our clients. We commit to being available to speak on the phone to answer questions and give details about the process.

What is customer service?

Customer service is a culture that you build within your company by taking care of your employees. When your employees find purpose in their work, feel free to express themselves, and know that their opinions are valued, they will be more inclined to go above and beyond for clients.

While there are the basic tenets of customer service like a human being answering the phone and being professional and kind, there are also some hidden aspects. These include an easy-to-use website, clear calls-to-action, clear policies and rules, and accessible contact information with multiple choices (call, email, fill out a form).

Now that we’ve talked about what customer service is, let’s explore why it is so important. Read on to see what studies show about the impact of good customer service.

Good Customer Service Matters Just as Much as Product Quality

You may think that your product quality is the most important factor for a good reputation and repeat business. But according to a Salesforce study conducted in 2021:

“Four-fifths of customers place the same emphasis on flawless engagement as they do on product quality.”

Salesforce, 2021

This research includes 83% of millennials surveyed and 85% of business buyers.

What does this mean for your business? If you produce quality products but don’t have a good customer service culture, your business is hurting!

Open Communication with a Person Instead of Chatbots

These days, chatbots bombard us with the little popup boxes in the bottom right-hand of the screen. The canned responses from these bots often leave us confused, frustrated, and with more questions than we started with.

If you don’t want to leave your clients frustrated, it’s best to offer a personalized option like speaking on the phone during business hours. Because so many companies are taking the chatbot route for customer service, it will also set you apart from the competition.

Good Customer Experience Starts with Good Employee Experience

Customer service is a complex issue and can’t be solved by simply hiring a customer service agent. It starts with taking care of your employees. Another Salesforce study co-conducted with Forbes:

“Good employee experience (EX) leads to good customer experience (CX) and, in turn, to stronger revenue expansion.”

Salesforce & Forbes

This statistic confirms that taking care of your employees will build a culture of customer service. When you create a thriving work environment where team members know they are valued, you build a foundation for a customer service culture.

Customer Service Leads to Stronger Revenue Growth

The same study mentioned above showed that improving employee experience which then improved customer experience led to “stronger revenue expansion.” If you think about this logically, it makes perfect sense. People who love your products and your customer service will not only be customers, but they will become lifelong fans.

And that’s good news for you because fans wear your swag, rave about you to their friends, and come back to you when they need another product.

Local Is More than an Attitude

alabama metal art customer service blog image

We talk about our customer service culture by saying that “local is more of an attitude.” That means that no matter where our customers live, we will treat them like our neighbors and friends. We treat them like people who deserve our time and attention.

No matter how much we grow, how many products we sell, or how many states we ship metal business signs to, our culture will remain the same. We understand that customer service is one of the most important drivers for satisfied customers, fulfilled employees, revenue growth, and a trustworthy reputation that lasts.

What’s Your Customer Service Culture?

Do you have a customer service culture? It’s never too late to develop one! Start with taking care of your employees and the rest will follow.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a new metal business sign, give us a call! Our artisans are happy to speak with you.

Phone: 256.246.0001

Or if you’re not a phone person, you can fill out a form here:


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