Alabama Metal Art, based in the Shoals, creates metal business signs for North Alabama and beyond, with recent standout projects in Huntsville. We blend skill, passion, and creativity into every job, whether it’s in the Shoals or beyond.

Huntsville Learning Center

The Huntsville Learning Center moved into a new building in 2023, and we created this new marquee sign for them. They have a great mission of helping students become the best they can be through after-school programs, and now they have a great new sign to identify their new location.

L’Etoile Patisserie

This sign inside L’Etoile Patisserie adds to the charm and ambiance of this French-inspired bakery near downtown Huntsville. The owners, Kevin and Kristen, wanted their logo on a metal sign. They had seen our work at other businesses in Huntsville and came to us as a referral. Customers take photos inside the bakery, including photos of this artsy sign, and share them on social media, which is great advertising for L’Etoile Patisserie!

Chase Creek Apartment Homes

This sign is at the entrance to the new Chase Creek Apartment Homes in northeast Huntsville, welcoming residents, or prospective residents, to the neighborhood. Community entry signs like these add to the aesthetic of the community and make it easier for people to find their way.

Capstone Research Corporation

Capstone Research Corporation found us online and asked to make this branded sign for their reception area. We designed this office sign to contain LED lights and raised letters that allow the lighting to come through and create a glow around the letters.

Halliburton Surveying & Mapping

Halliburton Surveying found us through a referral from a former customer. Halliburton moved into a new space previously occupied by GTEC, which had a sign from Alabama Metal Art. Halliburton saw the GTEC sign and wanted something similar. The material is brushed stainless with a clear powder coat, which helps keep away fingerprints. These signs look great with LED lights.

Capshaw Baptist Church Bookstore & Cafe

Capstone Baptist Church asked us for a black metal sign for their bookstore and café. They heard about us by word of mouth through one of their church members who had previously worked with us on a sign.

JS Solutions

We installed this single-panel sign for JS Solutions on a sheetrock wall. Later they reinstalled it on this stone veneer wall in their reception area. We applied a powder coat with a distressed look and added lights inside the box to illuminate the letters in the name and behind the box to illuminate the edges.

We created a second sign with a different look to go in the JC Solutions conference room. These are free-standing letters and the logo is layered metal with two different colors.

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