Businesses have been using outdoor signage for years to showcase their brands and to educate potential customers on what they do inside their walls. While that is still very important, we are suggesting you take your branding efforts one step further. Create a unique environment by extending your organization’s brand into your interior design.

Brand Identity – fuse your brand with your interior design.

Branded interior designs reflect your identity and create visual appeal. Generate an exclusive workplace experience throughout your organization with custom signage. This could be expressed through a quote or testimonial, logo usage, metal artwork and more.

Innovative Environments – custom fabrications for your interior design.

Our wide range of materials and fabrication capabilities allow for endless design choices. Choose from metal, wood, high density urethane, and acrylic. Our designers and craftsmen at Alabama Metal Art make your dream sign come to life.

If your branding is a specific red, tie that red into your furniture, accent décor and signage throughout your office space to achieve a full brand experience from start to finish. By doing this, you give your customers an experience from the time they pull up outside to when they drive away. This attention to detail is what keeps your customers coming back for more!

Here is an example of an interior sign we just installed to match the blue on the walls for branding purposes.

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