At Alabama Metal Art, part of our process includes researching and understanding our clients’ brands. If we want to represent companies from all different industries in the best possible way, we need to understand what makes them different from the rest of their competitors.

That’s why when we began working with the good people over at SET Logistics, we made it our mission to learn about what they do. SET Logistics offers around-the-clock freight services with an unwavering commitment to their customers. Their award-winning business structure allows the SET Logistics team to work closely with their customers and invest in their own team members.

The Concept Behind the SET Logistics Signs

Before we turn on the laser cutter or the welder, our craftsmen sit down and make a plan. Mapping out a metal sign project is one of the most important parts of the process. For this particular project, we wanted to make sure we represented SET Logistics’ upscale freight services, around-the-clock dedication, and investment in their employees.

To do this, we created layers and depth in both of the signs. Two of the SET Logistics signs are made out of aluminum, with one of them also having a steel-raised logo and an acrylic backplate behind the cutouts for lighting. The durable metal used for both signs represents SET Logistics’ trustworthiness and commitment to their customers for the long term.

If we left the sign exposed in bare metal, it would seem cold and unapproachable, and that’s not SET Logistics. We decided a powder coating in SET Logistics’ brand colors would add depth, approachability, and brand consistency.

Finally, we wanted to show their around-the-clock dedication in a unique way, so we installed colorful LED backlights. These lights represent the headlights of truck drivers who happily drive through the night to deliver shipments on time for their clients. Although these signs hang in SET Logistics’ corporate office, they remind each team member of the invaluable drivers in the field. And makes them feel connected across a distance—like one cohesive team.

The Finished Products

Another important element of planning is knowing where the signs will be installed. This is important so that we make sure the signs blend with the surrounding environment. In this case, the signs were installed in an industrial-style office, so they add a pop of color, visual interest, and light to a darker-toned environment.

We also must know the size of the wall a sign needs to be installed on so that we make an appropriately sized sign in height and width. Before we make the sign, we gather these measurements to ensure accuracy.

We’re extremely pleased with the final result. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Create a Lasting Impression

Are you interested in ordering custom-made signs uniquely built for your brand? Our craftsmen speak directly over the phone with you throughout the entire process. They also travel to your office space, if needed, to take measurements and make a plan for installing the final product. Then, they come back with the completed sign and install it themselves!

Find out more about how you can create a lasting impression with an Alabama Metal Art sign. Let’s get started!


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