We don’t like to play favorites, but sometimes we just can’t help it.

Alabama Metal Art is dedicated to helping local businesses take their brands to the next level by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and their goals, and to create something special for each of them. While we make it our mission to ensure that every project is unique and memorable, there are always a few that stand out even among other standouts.

With the new year now in full swing, we’re thinking back on last year one more time to highlight our favorite sign projects of 2022. These projects all showcase the selection of services we offer, the big and small challenges our team is able to meet, and the wide range of clients we’re happy to serve.  From international hotel chains to state universities to family-owned small businesses, our goal is to provide every client with signs that people will remember, and these projects in particular are the ones that we’ll remember for years to come.

Chase Creek Apartment Homes – Huntsville, AL


chase creek sign

As Huntsville continues to grow, many new residents have found themselves struggling to find a quality home. Chase Creek Apartment Homes, a brand new community in northeast Huntsville, offers the latest in upscale living, with spacious floor plans and luxurious amenities, all at an affordable price that can compete with any other community in the area.

For the community’s entrance sign, we set out to make something that would draw attention, while conveying the serenity and relaxation of the luxury living Chase Creek provides. The white text mountains and rolling hills that suggest both the peace and quiet of the great outdoors and the convenience of modern living.

SET Logistics – Oneonta, AL

SET Logistics is an award-winning freight service that offers unmatched transportation solutions across the continental US and Canada. With an unwavering commitment to their customers and the latest tools to support their drivers, they have built a continent-wide shipping network based on cooperation and trust.

We created multiple signs for SET Logistics, and we wanted to make sure each one reflected the company’s strengths and values. Using durable metal to reflect the strength of their commitment, powder coating in the brand’s colors to show their approachability and consistency, and LED backlighting to represent the headlights of their drivers and the company’s investment in every member of their team, each sign we made for SET Logistics was its own unique piece, but connected as part of a cohesive whole.

To read more about our work with SET Logistics, you can check out one of our earlier blog posts here.

Griffin Family Dentistry – Florence, AL


While going to the dentist can be a source of anxiety, Dr. Griffin and his staff are committed to easing any fears you might have about dental care. Their mission is to treat their patients like family, building bonds of trust to make sure everyone who comes into their office is comfortable, happy, and most important of all, healthy.

For the office’s interior sign, we felt that a simple statement would be the most effective, taking the Griffin Family Dentistry logo and displaying it in brushed stainless steel layered against a dark bronze background. Not only is this immediately eye-catching, popping out against the beige of the office wall, but it also projects confidence in the abilities of Dr. Griffin and his team, assuring patients that they’re in good hands and that they’ll be able to smile with pride and confidence themselves.

JS Solutions – Huntsville, AL

A veteran-owned small business based in Huntsville, JS Solutions offers support and consulting services to agencies in the federal government, including the Department of Defense, as well as to contractors and commercial organizations. They have a lean but strong staff of seasoned professionals that offers a wide variety of top-quality services and gives back to the community by supporting veterans and special-needs families.

We created two signs for JS Solutions, both using a contrast of white and blue, but with opposite approaches. The first sign uses white text to stand out against a blue background, with LED backlighting for added flare. The second is less flashy but no less effective, using blue in powder-coated metal against the white of the office walls. Together, these signs show JS Solutions as professionals who have a wide range of modern approaches to their clients’ challenges, and who know how to impress.

University of North Alabama – Florence, AL


The University of North Alabama is one of the most innovative colleges in the nation, a place where students can discover themselves while receiving the education to become artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and scientists, with affordable tuition and equal opportunity for all.

We made multiple signs for UNA this year, including metal logos for their hospitality suite, workout facility, Health and Wellness office, and ONE STOP. For the workout facility, we recreated the school’s athletic logo of a roaring lion in powder-coated white on purple, and did the same for the hospitality suite, adding purple LED backlighting to impress visitors to the school. The Health and Wellness office and ONE STOP, on the other hand, feature the school’s formal logo of a proud lion in silhouette. Each sign was crafted not only to attract attention but also to inspire school spirit. ROAR LIONS!

Listerhill Credit Union– Florence, AL


In addition to the signs for the UNA campus, we created a sign for “The Hill,” a special branch of Listerhill Credit Union inside of the Wendell Gunn University Commons Unlike a traditional bank, the credit union is a non-profit, member-owned cooperative that promotes financial literacy.  For The Hill we added a brushed aluminum wall covering over the entire section of wall.  The backlit black and white sign stands out in sharp contrast against the brushed aluminum wall. Accents of Listerhill’s signature red and a sunburst pattern add extra visual excitement.

RIVERCO Real Estate – Florence, AL


RiverCo Real Estate offers rental homes in the Florence and Shoals area, and represents homeowners who are ready to sell their homes. We wanted to make the most of the vertical space on this sign, taking the minimalist text of the company logo in brushed stainless steel to stand proudly against the wooden panels behind it. Together, the sign brings a touch of modern design to Florence’s historic buildings.

The Club at Cypress Creek – Florence, AL


Disc golf is a fun hobby for all ages and a great way to get in a little bit of exercise while enjoying time outdoors. The Club on Cypress in Florence is the highest-rated disc golf course in the area (as voted by the Udisc community), with 18 holes that provide an engaging challenge for players of all skill levels, from first-timers and casual hobbyists to dedicated competitors, all within some truly beautiful scenery maintained by the enthusiasts in the Singing River Disc Golf Club.

We wanted to emphasize the beauty of this outdoor course, as well as the relaxing, carefree nature of the sport in our signs. The multiple layers on the sign add depth to the scenery, and the cool blues and greens provide a sense of easygoing serenity. These signs send a message that while you’re here, you can take it easy and enjoy a good wholesome game.

Marriott Headquarters wall sculpture – Bethesda, MD


For their new location in Bethesda, Maryland, Marriott commissioned a piece for their sitting area showcasing some of the world-renowned hotel chain’s most famous properties. We created a piece with several layers of steel to emphasize the lasting impact of these great architectural works, the three-dimensional effect is enhanced by some clever use of perspective. The metal is powder-coated in various shades of gold and bronze, and the warm sepia color tones create the impression of an old photograph, calling back to the company’s rich history. Guests can take a look at this and know that they’re not just staying at a world-class hotel but enjoying part of a legacy of hospitality that spans generations.



Starfish Holdings is a venture capital platform that owns two growing subsidiary companies, Torch Technologies and Freedom Real Estate, and is dedicated to protecting those companies’ financial interests. We created an interior sign for them, with their name and logo in brushed stainless on black. The multiple layers of metal and varying shades on the logo create visual interest even with one color, while the bars across the top and bottom catch the light to give the sign that much more luster. The bold black background holds the elements together, to signify that Starfish is serious about growing and building wealth for its clients.

Make Something to Remember

Are you interested in making your brand something your customers will remember? Our craftsmen are here to work with you every step of the process, from concept to installation, and will deliver one-of-a-kind custom-made signs that will wow your customers for years. We’d love to see your business as one of our favorite projects of this year.

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